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For more than 30 years, Aero Transportation Products, Inc. (“ATP”) has primarily been focused on providing fiberglass, aluminum, and steel covering systems for covered hopper railroad freight cars. These covered hopper cars are used by rail shippers to transport bulk commodities such as grain, cement, fertilizers, foods, and sand all over the world.
Uniquely located completely underground in a former limestone mine, the Corporate Headquarters and hatch cover manufacturing line encompass 90,000 sq feet of leased space in Independence, Missouri. The consistency of temperature and humidity year round of this underground environment, make it an excellent place for high-volume fiberglass cover manufacturing.
In 2000, ATP expanded by establishing the “AEROgate” outlet gate product line. Located in McPherson, Kansas (45 minutes north of Wichita) this discharge gate manufacturing plant, as well as ATP’s capacity to fabricate aluminum hatch covers, encompasses 100,000 sq. ft. of owned space. This facility is modern and utilizes state of the art fabrication equipment including a fiber optic laser cutter, multiple welding robots, and precision fixtures assuring the ability to produce large or small volumes with high quality.
In 2010, ATP again expanded its offerings by purchasing WestRail, an OEM equivalent coal car replacement parts supplier. This WestRail division maintains a large inventory of aluminum parts and extrusions to ensure rapid response times. Also, an ongoing program is working to expand the diversity and comprehensiveness of its OEM equivalent part offerings. This facility is also located in stand-alone building of about 32,000 sq. ft. adjacent to the outlet gate manufacturing plant in McPherson, KS.
Aside from quality, capacity, and fast response times, ATP prides itself on its long history and continued willingness to change and continually improve its products through research, development, and innovation. ATP currently is the holder of several U.S. patents on its products, and actively sells its products in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, and Brazil.
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