The Fandstan Electric Group was formed in 1979. Since 2014 it is part of the Wabtec Corporation and located in Germany. It has operating subsidiaries and offices in UK, Germany, USA, Australia, Netherlands, France and Poland and Taiwan and has around 1250 employees worldwide. Following companies and several subsidaries for sales, service and production belong to Fanstan Electric Group: Akapp-Stemmann, Austbreck, Brecknell Willis, Brecknell Willis Composite, GT Engineering and Associates, Stemmann-Technik, TransTech.
The Group prides itself on its engineering traditions and excellence, with a core knowledge in Electrical current collection and distribution. It operates in the transport and industrial sectors designing, manufacturing and installing innovative solutions for the transmission of electrical power and data to moving equipment and vehicles.
The Group has a wide customer base in all parts of the world and works very closely with these customers identifying potential problems, defining precise parameters and designing ideal solutions.