Drill Motors

Delivering Innovative Mechanical Power Solutions.  Advancing our more than 60-year legacy of developing quiet, reliable and powerful drilling motors.

AC Drill Motors

For more than 20 years, Wabtec has supplied thousands of AC traction motors for land and offshore drilling rigs world-wide. Offered in both horizontal and vertical configurations and rated IP44 or 56, the 1150HP and 1500HP AC motors will meet the most stringent requirements of your drilling equipment. Design features include: heavy-duty frames; form-wound stator windings; high-strength rotor assemblies; and Wabtec’s low-inertia rotor.

AC Water Cooled Motors

Optimized for harsh offshore environments, Wabtec’s fully enclosed water-cooled motor is protected to IP56 standards, safeguarding against moisture, insects and dirt. Wabtec’s water-cooled drill motor is also safer and more cost-efficient. It has no blower, meaning one less power supply and far less rig noise. Less noise on the rig floor, below OSHA requirements, creates a safer environment for those working on the rig. Rated at 1150HP and 1300HP, the water-cooled motor has a small envelope. And because it cools through the shaft as well as the frame, it maintains the same footprint as our air-cooled models, making it easy to incorporate onto the rig.

DC Motors - 5GE752

Since 1955, Wabtec’s original 752 DC drilling motors have been dependable, proven performers on all major drill rig operations in the toughest drilling applications. These high-quality, reliable drilling motors for land and offshore drilling rigs, continually meeting or exceeding customer requirements around the world and have become the industry standard by which all other motors are measured.