Network Optimization

Move Goods Faster.  Optimize mainline network, classification yards, and intermodal terminals so railroads can move goods faster, cheaper and on time.

Movement Planner System

The railroad equivalent of an air-traffic control system, Wabtec's Movement Planner System is breakthrough technology that generates optimal schedules and manages traffic flows across the network, enabling improved service delivery while optimizing utilization of locomotive assets and resources. The system considers multiple factors, such as train schedules, traffic-control systems and train movements relative to each other, developing an optimized traffic plan for trains throughout the network while also detecting conflicts

The result? Installed at a major Class 1 railroad, the system has delivered a 10% increase in velocity, 50% reduction in expired crews , and significant improvement in on-time performance.

Movement Planner Network Viewer

Wabtec’s Movement Planner Network Viewer brings planning to a whole new level. This advanced software uses real-time network data to help dispatchers manage trains across the network—from identifying potential scheduling conflicts to increasing the capacity and fluidity of your entire network. Meet-pass decisions are quick and easy. Train conflicts are detected up to 24 hours in advance and ETA predictions are more accurate and timely.

The result? Freight moves faster, at lower cost. Potential conflicts are identified and delays are reduced. Overall, it’s a smarter way to run your rail operation.

Yard Planner

Even more than capacity, yard functionality determines departure performance, car dwell time and everyday operational efficiencies. Wabtecs Yard Planner System is advanced software designed to optimize rail classification yard operations. It helps train masters and yardmasters visualize yard state, plan yard activities, and make optimal decisions regarding asset utilization and resource allocation to maximize car connection performance (right car on right train) and reduce car dwell time.

Smart Intermodal Management System

Wabtec’s Smart Intermodal Management System is a next-generation platform designed to improve the productivity of terminal operations through real-time planning, precise control of terminal events and efficient gate processing. Built on Wabtec’s Predix™ platform, Smart Intermodal Management System provides intelligent decision automation, leveraging cloud-based data-analytics technology, to efficiently manage inbound and outbound rail operations, gate operations, and work-order management.

The result? Improved terminal throughput and capacity. Enhanced visibility to terminal inventory. Increased operational speed and reliability.

Smart Automotive Terminal

Wabtec’s Smart Automotive Terminal (SAT) is a modern technology platform for automotive distribution operations in railroad facilities. Built on Wabtec’s Predix™ platform , SAT provides broad capabilities, including Shipment Management, Railcar Management, Case Management and Inventory Management. Most importantly, SAT embeds optimization algorithms for load planning, task sequencing, and network planning to ensure efficient, on-time delivery of all automotive assets.

The result? Improved operations through optimized tactical planning, load planning, and ramp operations. Increased service quality, communications and productivity.