Operations Optimization

Control and manage, yard, inventory, waybills, train movements, switching, demurrage and even miscellaneous billing. The more you know about your railroad, the better - and more efficiently - you can manage it.

ExpressYard Car Repair Billing System

The relentless pressure of high productivity, industry regulations and increasing customer expectations means there’s little room for error and inefficiency in railcar repair operations. Wabtec’s ExpressYard® Car Repair Billing solution combines timely data, enhanced management information, and powerful decision-making tools to help railcar repair organizations simplify and manage billing and maintenance operations, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

The result? Enhanced operational efficiency. Increased bottom-line productivity. And reduced repair and maintenance costs.

ExpressYard Railcar Maintenance Management System

ExpressYard  Railcar Maintenance Management System (MMS) helps reduce costs with auditing capabilities to avoid incorrect charges and provides exception reporting to eliminate unnecessary repairs. Load, view and print monthly invoice files in a readable format.  Audit repairs against AAR rules and pricing.  Track exceptions and perform counter billing.  MMS reduces rebilling and collection time, automates invoicing and helps prevent payment of incorrect charges.

RailConnect Revenue Management System (RMS)

Changing rates and the use of multiple roads can affect the quality and efficiency of waybill settlement. Wabtec’s RailConnect Revenue Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive railroad accounting system that fully automates the rating process and optimizes revenue management performance. Integrating seamlessly with the industry standard Interline Settlement System® (ISS), RMS features a powerful rating engine and rate database that successfully manages the settlement of freight revenue between railroads.
The result? Streamlined accounting processes. Reduced costs. Improved cash flow. Greater revenue recognition. And enhanced efficiency and productivity across the board.

RailConnect Transportation Management System (TMS)

The more you know about your railroad in real time, the better - and more efficiently - you can manage it. As a core operating and communications system, Wabtec’s RailConnect Transportation Management System (TMS) automates and tracks the entry of car movements and switching operations. The system also provides visibility over all rail assets by communicating information proactively and empowering you to better plan workflow, generate work orders, measure performance, and improve customer service.

The result? Reduced manual errors. Improved productivity. Lower costs. And a better customer experience on every level.

RailConnect Car Hire System

Car-hire challenges can impact the speed and accuracy with which railcar owners get paid. Wabtec’s RailConnect Car Hire System efficiently manages processing for railroads, while quickly and accurately calculating car hire and reclaims for hundreds of payable and receivable customers. The system helps railcar users calculate monthly car hire hours and automatically submits industry-mandated AAR files— handling more than a million equipment cycles per month.

The result? Automatically determine amount due car owners or claims against users. Less paperwork and human error. More efficient and accurate invoicing. Reduced car-hire liability.