Parts & Upgrades

Designed to improve tractive effort, fuel efficiency, and reliability while minimizing life cycle costs using real-time data.

Engines & Controls

With a product range from eight to 16 cylinders, we give our customers the ability to choose an engine that best meets their needs ̶̶ long haul vs. switcher operations, horsepower vs. weight considerations ̶ while also providing available technologies to help improve fuel efficiency, lower engine speeds for improved reliability, and comply with stringent emissions standards. Wabtec can also provide several control system upgrades depending on the locomotive application. Wabtec’s Brightstar control system is perfect for bringing performance and protection to non-microprocessor based locomotives while Wabtec’s Common Control Architecture (CCA) upgrade unlocks the latest applications for performance, protection, and reliability.


Economic and environmental challenges have become a prevalent feature of our world. As railroads are required to do more with less and as weather conditions grow increasingly volatile, companies are finding it more difficult to manage fleet reliability and responsiveness and, as a result, are paying more attention to their traction systems.

Used Serviceable Material & Unit Exchange

GE Transportation, a Wabtec company’s pre-owned and unit exchange business provides OEM-backed locomotive solutions, along with a diverse, affordable parts offering, to our customers’ mature Wabtec freight locomotives. We are a trusted solution partner in high quality, pre-owned locomotives, parts and digital upgrades. We stand behind our secondary marketplace for these products and our industry-leading technical support.

Performance Parts

GE Transportation, a Wabtec company has a range of product and service solutions that can be installed on existing locomotives to introduce greater productivity and improved operating efficiency. To consistently offer the best products for the customers, Wabtec offers a suite of new performance parts to improve and assist their locomotive fleets.


Wabtec has been performing modernization work around the globe for over a decade, and has provided more than 1,800 modernization solutions to date. These modernization solutions can be as simple as a control system upgrade or as complex as the complete transformation of an aged DC locomotive into an AC locomotive outfitted with the latest state-of-the-art digital technology. Each solution is tailored to an individual customer’s unique operation and technology needs to provide them with the greatest possible return on their investment.