Port Optimizer for Marine Terminal Operators

Port Optimizer for Marine Terminal Operators

Port Optimizer addresses key challenges of marine terminal operators, including:  cost-effectively managing vessels of increasing size and container capacity while improving space planning, resource allocation, and addressing blind spots.   Features include:

Data Connectivity & Visibility - Digitizes disparate supply chain data into a single source of truth. Dynamically updated; secure.

Collaboration Tool - Single portal for BCOs, Terminal Operators, Ocean Carriers, Labor Workforce, Railroads, Trucking, IEPs, and FF.

Vessel Forecast -  Visibility to containers for equipment management and resource planning.

Container Allocation - Ability for the terminal to see which truckers are picking up which containers.

Empty Container Management - Aggregation of data from shipping line and terminals to provide real-time updates.

Operational Metrics -  Actionable insights into terminal operations.  Container dwell, etc.