Transport Intelligence

Connect and monitor railroad assets. Maximize train performance to reduce train delays and improve efficiencies.

GoLINC Platform

Wabtec’s GoLINC™ Platform is an industry-tested network, communication and application management platform for the railroad environment. It is a mobile data center that provides robust processing, wireless communication, networking, video and data storage. The GoLINC™ Platform interfaces with both locomotive and third-party systems to make data available and features onboard wireless capability for easier data transfer. The result? Enhanced communication and improved productivity throughout your operation. Get ready to make every aspect of your operation work smarter.
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GE Transportation, a Wabtec company EdgeLINC is a comprehensive edge device lifecycle management platform providing IIOT connectivity and data flow management, device management and streaming analytics at the edge and the back office. It provides offboard monitoring of device health, device configuration and streaming analytics, enabling real-time data processing and optimization.

EdgeLINC allows you to maximize your investments in the industrial IoT systems and harness data & insights to drive significant improvement in asset performance and operational efficiency.

Asset Performance Management

GE Transportation, a Wabtec company’s Asset Performance Management is a suite of modular software applications that integrate machine with operational maintenance data to enable customers to optimize their asset strategies. These solutions provide an end-to-end view of lifecycle & reliability costs, risk-rank reporting and cost estimates for planned & unplanned maintenance.

Today, Predix APM is enabling customers by decreasing maintenance costs, enabling both condition based and reliability centered maintenance strategies, all without sacrificing asset performance or risk. These applications work across all equipment, all OEMs, and all industries.
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Analytics Services (Expert on Alert, Power Advisor)

Expert-on-Alert is a managed service that utilizes advance analytics to provide real-time locomotive health and performance status, optimized repair diagnostics, and live support.

Expert-on-Alert uses the GE Transportation, a Wabtec company’s Global Performance Optimization Centers, where a team of experts analyzes control system status and performance data. This enables Wabtec to determine the root cause of failures while in-transit, and deploy algorithms that help define optimal maintenance and repair recommendations.

Power Advisor allows the power planner to make more informed decisions when assigning locomotives.
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Field Service Management - ServiceMax

Predix ServiceMax for Rail Transportation supports the management of signal, track, bridge, communication, and wayside equipment maintenance. It is designed specifically for the daily maintenance delivery operations of freight railways large and small, transit, commuter/passenger rail and light rail customers.

ServiceMax is the leading cloud-based field service solution. We help companies that rely on equipment to transform their business to digital and exceed the expectations of their customers. With our equipment centric software, companies achieve higher customer loyalty, better equipment productivity, and greater operational efficiency.
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