Technologies and chemical treatment programs for influent, boiler/cooling, wastewater, dust control, and process streams.  Increasing mine depths, varying water quality, and more productive mining techniques are challenging contemporary approaches resulting in the need for various chemical treatment programs.

Electric Submersible Pumps

Wabtec's high efficiency multistage centrifugal Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) lift fluid from the deepest and toughest applications. Wabtec’s ESP is a high-flow, high-pressure pump with features that deliver long pump life, reduced downtime, increased production, and lower operating costs in abrasive applications.

Mine Dewatering System

As mines go deeper, dewatering becomes more challenging. Wabtec’s Mine Dewatering System delivers the necessary higher pumping pressures while simultaneously managing solid particles and abrasive wear that can increase maintenance costs and cause premature failure.

Surface Pumping System

Wabtec's highly-reliable and efficient SPS™ (Surface Pumping System) provides a versatile, low capex and low-maintenance alternative to many high-speed integral gear driven standard API centrifugal (OH6), positive displacement (PD) and vertical-turbine pump (VTP) models