Gerken Group Belgium Wabtec Corp

The Gerken Group offers a wide range of carbon, graphite and related products for the key markets of railway traction, industry and wind energy. We develop, produce and have access to carbon materials designed to perform in the most demanding applications.
Founded in 1936 by Hubert Gerken with a handful of employees, the group now employs more than 275 people in 10 countries: Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.  R & D is centered on Gerken SA in Belgium and Gerken SAS in France.  In France, Gerken has invested in test facilities designed to reproduce, as accurately as possible, the extreme environmental conditions that carbon brushes can sustain.  With its network of subsidiaries and agents all over the world, the Gerken Group has become a major player in the manufacture of electric carbons and in the machining of mechanical graphites.
Our vision and philosophy are clear.  We totally focused on carbon and graphite products.  Our Group is unique in the industry - a combination of subsidiary companies, affiliates and representatives who all share our vision.