2014 SNCF presented Track IQ

Trackside Intelligence (Track IQ) has a global reputation for being a specialist manufacturer and supplier of wayside located, vehicle defect detection equipment to the railway industry.

Track IQ develops, manufactures, sells and supports wayside sensor systems used to measure the operating condition of rail vehicles. Products include RailBAM®, WCM®, RailSQAD®, PhotoTAGTM, FleetONETM, RailCAMTM and the Train Noise MonitorTM, often incorporating other measurement products for example AVIRFID/AEI tag readers and environmental monitoring systems. The technical focus of these products is to monitor and trend vehicle bogie condition with a specialization in axle bearings and wheel surface condition.

Track IQ works with other industry specialists to integrate a wide range of wayside sensors (Bogie Geometry, Wheel Profile, Brake Wear….) on into asset monitoring “Supersites” where sensor data is aggregated into FleetONETM Track IQ’s multi-sensor trending database from which scheduled searches and data analytics are performed. The results are sent to Users via automated email reports.

In 2014 SNCF presented Track IQ with an award for Innovation Excellence for RailBAM®. The prestigious SNCF awards, which recognized Track IQ as an outstanding supplier, showcase the very best product innovations and service delivery in engineering, science and technology. Track IQ provides technical support, calibration services, and investigations for our own products and related equipment items. We offer development services across a wide range of rail related mechanical and electronics issues, particularly failure investigations of mechanical systems. Track IQ has access to the resources of its parent company, Wabtec Corporation (NYSE:WAB), in addition to the twenty-five experienced software, mechanical and mechatronic engineers within the Track IQ group.

Based in Australia Track IQ has contracts worldwide with in excess of 150 systems installed. Countries currently serviced include, Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, India, China, United Kingdom, France and Norway. Track IQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wabtec Corporation.