The Hottest Name in Cooling for Major Electrical Power Equipment
Serving both OEMs and major power utilities worldwide, Unifin International is the hottest name in cooling...a company you can trust as your supplier of choice.
ForZair™ Transformer Cooling Products

  • ForZair™ Power Transformer Oil Coolers
  • ForZair™ Mobile Transformer Oil Coolers
  • Heatsink™ Auxillary Transformer Oil Coolers
  • Special Transformer Oil Coolers

Unifin Water Cooled Transformer Oil Coolers

  • Type ONW (Oil Natural Water) Shell and Tube
  • Type OFW (Oil Forced Water) Shell and Tube

 Generator Cooling Products

  • Generator Hydrogen Coolers
  • Generator Air Coolers
  • Stator Water Coolers
  • Lube Oil Coolers
  • Bearing Oil Coolers
  • Exciter Air Coolers
  • Formerly GE Heat Transfer Products

Motor Generator Cooling Products

  • Motor Coolers TEWAC (Totally Enclosed Water-Air Cooled)
  • Marine Coolers

Transformer Oil Pumps and Related Products

  • Cardinal Pumps
  • Unifin Pumps
  • Electrical Connectors - Cardinal/Unifin Pumps
  • Cardinal Transformer Oil Shut Off Valves


  • Clean/Test/Inspect
  • Repairs
  • Replacements

Spare Parts

  • Generator Coolers
  • Transformer Oil Pumps
  • Gaskets