wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Train Servicing Chock Reconditioning

Chock Reconditioning

  • Wabtec reconditions chocks by thoroughly cleaning, inspecting, and equipping them with new straps
  • Wabtec replaces worn parts are replaced with new before upgrading the devices with our latest patent-pending, proprietary enhancements, assuring the best reconditioned chocks available
  • Steel bodies are sand-blasted then powder-coated, creating a clean durable finish that is corrosion resistant.

westinghouse air brake tech Cleaning and Diagnostic Service image 1

Cleaning and Diagnostic Service

Corrosion and the hindrance of heat transfer caused by fouling in heat exchangers are the main reasons for an increase in energy, operating and maintenance costs of a generator. That’s why coolers must be inspected, cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Our standard cleaning and diagnostic service includes a hydrostatic test of the coolers in the received condition (to identify any leaks), a general steam cleaning, replacement gaskets when applicable, and a written initial and final test report.  Regardless of initial test results, the water/headers are removed for evaluation. At that point Unifin issues a set of recommendations and work scope.

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Communication Services

Xorail’s System Integration & Communications Group delivers seamless integration across cutting-edge voice & data communications systems, signaling systems, grade crossings, and train control & dispatch systems. Our signaling background enables us to do more for you, from conceptual design and communications architecture, to detailed plans, procurement, project management, testing, integration, commissioning, and full documentation.

Wabtec Locomotive Component Repair Remanufacturing

Component Repair and Remanufacturing

Let Wabtec Global Services (WGS) be your center for repairs on many locomotive components as well as remanufacturing of the same. With breadth of offerings that include complete truck and engine rebuilds/upgrades all the way to something as simple as rebuilding your air brake valves, WGS has the service to suit your needs.
Our Boise, Idaho location has experience rebuilding and repairing over 1,500 locomotive engines for OEM builders and railroads around the globe. The engines can be rebuilt to OEM standards or upgraded to meet the rigors of the EPA’s emission requirements.
This same facility has capabilities to rebuild all pumps and major components essential to the operation of your locomotive prime mover. These components can be rebuilt as part of an engine rebuild/repair or can be rebuilt individually by our highly skilled technicians.
Along with experience rebuilding engines, the Boise location has similar experience rebuilding/building trucks to customer/OEM specifications. With an AAR-certified facility, our valued rail customers can rest assured their locomotive trucks are being built to the highest quality standards for longer-term life.
With access to the broad array of Wabtec sister companies, WGS has the ability to rebuild heat exchangers, rotating electric (including traction motors and fan motors), brakes and brake valves, High Voltage electrical components, air compressors, etc. Wabtec can become your “one stop shop” for your locomotive component needs!

wabtec westinghouse air brake Composite Finishing Paint Assembly Servicing

Composite Finishing and Assembly Service

Brecknell Willis Composites boasts an expansive finishing workshop. 

  • In-house spray paint & bake facilities
  • "Self-coloured", Gelcoat finish mouldings

For more complex components, some assembly is required. This may involve drilling holes, adding threaded inserts or bonding other reinforcement onto the composite material.

Wabtec Repairs Composite Refurbishment Service

Composite Refurbishment Service

Due to the adaptable nature of composite materials, many components can be repaired after being damaged or worn out. Brecknell Willis Composites offers regular refurbishment and modification services to extend the lifespan of their customer's GRP products.
Refurbishment services:

  • Product modification
  • Insert replacement
  • Cosmetic repairs
  • Structural Composite repairs

Wabtec locomotive Compressor Overhaul Repair servicing

Compressor Overhaul

Wabtec Rail offers a comprehensive overhaul and repair service for locomotive compressors from various classes of locomotives including Class 66, Class 67 & Class 70.
Wabtec Rail set up a modern state-of-the-art compressor overhaul and test facility at our Doncaster site in 2012 with parts supply and support from Wabtec Global Services USA and Triangle Engineered Products (part of the Wabtec Corporation) who between them are by far the largest Locomotive Compressor repair and overhaul business in North America.
 Our standard overhaul of Gardner Denver WLN compressors (as fitted to Class 66 and Class 67 locomotives) includes fitting new High Pressure and Low Pressure cylinder assemblies with improved cam type pistons and improved design piston rings and connecting rods, new crankshaft and bearings, a new flexible hose water conversion kit and manifold, new inlet and outlet valves and 100% of all bearings, seals, gaskets and fasteners. The compressor is then functionally tested and run-in in the fully automatic test house for over 4½ hours at speeds up to 1050rpm.

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Construction Services

Our experienced construction teams can provide installation of your highway crossing or wayside signal project with on-site support personnel for in-service testing of equipment. Our inspectors and technicians can complete all required documentation for each unit, component, and system placed in service

westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Cooling Solutions

Cooling Solutions

Unifin....your Cooling Solution provider!
Our team of knowledgeable and skilled sales, Engineering, Design and manufacturing teams can devise your custom cooling needs. 
By evaluating thermal requirements and physical layout contraints, Unifin can develop a concise and efficient cooling system utilizing state of the art thermal and CAD programs.

wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive train maintenance certification support

Crane Max Capacity

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

Wabtec servicing overhaul dampers suspension control valve

Damper Overhaul

Our team of technicians undertake the overhaul of hydraulic dampers, air suspension systems and air suspension control valves manufactured by all of the leading suppliers including Boge, Koni and Woodhead.

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Form follows function. Our engineering professionals understand this completely. Solid modeling, 3D imaging, and Ultra-tech CAD equipment allow seamless transitions from product conception, through design and into high quality production. In order for us to maintain our leadership role, we fully understand and follow the belief that continuous improvement of current designs is high priority. With our research and development programs, we hold more than 70 patents for original products. Our teams combine education, experience and industry knowledge to stay in focus with both current and future needs of our clients. Look to Graham-White engineering for the solution.Contact us now and we will work for you.

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Design and Engineering Project Management

Our international success is built on close partnerships and focus on design, engineering and professional project management
”More than 30 years of experience and supply of more than 45.000 sanitary systems to the global train industry”.
The entire Semvac organisation is driven by an understanding and respect for the present and future needs of our customers.
We handle all project phases, from consultancy and discussions in the initial phases through product development, manufacture, supply and after sales service.
The requirements from the international railway industry for safety, design and functionality, user friendliness are respected and applied by Semvac for complete cabins and right down to the smallest component.
Whatever the complexity of the assignment, our customers benefit significantly from the many years of experience and creativity of our competent employees, producing perfectly tailored solutions in keeping with the requirements of the trains of tomorrow.
All products that leave Semvac are thoroughly inspected and tested according to precise and approved standards and procedures, so that we ensure that as a minimum, we adhere to industry standards in order to be able to supply the highest, most consistent quality – every time.
Semvac has not finally sold a product before it is implemented and in service to the end-user’s full satisfaction. We take our commitments very seriously throughout the entire lifetime of the product. We provide professional and effective service, via our own highly skilled employees and via our global partners that are all available for rapid and effective assistance.
All systems and products are covered by a comprehensive guarantee, wherever they may be located in the world and all of our international partners are very thoroughly trained in providing rapid and effective problem identification and solutions.
"All products leaving our factory are carefully tested in our own, advanced testing facilities”

Wabtec road rail equipment Design and Manufacture Servicing

Design and Manufacture

LH Access Technology designs and builds a wide range of road/rail equipment that meets the stringent quality and safety criteria set for the world’s rail networks.  LH Access Technology is the only UK based approved Road/Rail Unimog supplier, offering experienced personnel qualified to work on safety critical components.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Gate Systems Design & Manufacture

Design and Manufacture

Gate Systems: AEROgates are highly durable, user-friendly outlet gates that will protect your commodity for the long haul. These innovative designs are based on years of research attacking and eliminating the most common gate issues including pinion skipping, door plate ejection, and door plate sealing. Steel, stainless steel, powder coat, and various sizes are just a few of the infinite AEROgate options available.
Cover Systems: With 30 years of experience, ATP is the acknowledged industry leader and knows hatch covers. Whether your cars were built decades ago or are rolling out of the builder’s plant tomorrow, we have the expertise you can trust for your cars and service. Throughs, rounds, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, food grade, corrosion resistant, dual opening or batten free, are just some of the options available to protect your commodity.
Contact us today and learn why ATP covering systems and gate are just what you are looking for.

Wabtec Vehicle Transit Car Door Overhaul Repair Servicing

Door Overhaul

Wabtec Rail, through the incorporation of Vapor Stone, has an internationally renown reputation for the supply of rail vehicle and bus door systems. Working in conjunction with Wabtec Corporation’s Vapor Rail and Transit Divisions our door systems can be found on inter-city, underground and metro rail vehicles throughout the UK, North America, Asia and the Far East.
Using the most advanced technology and drawing upon an exceptional range of skills and experience, we offer a total service covering operating mechanisms, controls and door panels and including design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and upgrades. 
Our approach is as flexible as it is thorough. We can provide everything from individual parts to complete systems using either pneumatic or electric actuators that can be combined with electro-mechanical or programmable electronic controls. Where needed, bridge plates and moving steps can be integrated with the door systems for ease of access.
Our manufacturing capability provides a complete range of options - pneumatic systems, compact electric belt drive systems and independent linear electric drive systems, each with advanced features. 
In addition, we have developed an innovative solution to the wear and misalignment problems to which roller and tube systems have always been prone. Eliminating the wear and door panel binding caused by misalignment, our Linear Bearing Guide System has proved itself a great success and is now being applied to an increasing number of vehicles.
We can supply parts for Peters Door Systems and Deans Door Systems as well as those for our own systems. Our repair and maintenance packages focus at all times on quality and safety and are tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs.
With a range of advanced technologies at our disposal, we can quickly and cost-effectively bring existing door systems up to the very highest current operating standards.
More and more of our clients are taking advantage of our off-site services, which cover both repairs and maintenance and refurbishment/upgrades. 
Working from your own site anywhere in the country, our off-site teams deliver a service that incorporates the most stringent quality control procedures.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Vehicle locomotive Door System Repairs & Overhaul

Door System Repairs & Overhaul

Our in-house team of specialist technicians undertakes the repair, overhaul and fitting as new of all types of passenger door systems. For more detailed information please see our separate door system leaflet.

Wabtec Locomotive Train Maintenance service mobile support

Drop Table

Wabtec Global Services offers full locomotive shop services, mobile maintenance, emissions certification, mobile wheel truing and integrated component support.

  • Complete locomotive overhauls and FRA-required scheduled inspections
  • Engine and truck overhauls
  • Emissions testing and reduction packages
  • Mobile maintenance and wheel truing
  • Electrical cabinet upgrade and rebuild
  • Design and fabrication

Wabtec Education Support Service Locomotive Air Brake Training

Education – Air Brake Training

Wabtec offers comprehensive training seminars and material geared toward educating rail personnel on the operation and maintenance of rail equipment
Annual training classes are held at our facility in the spring and fall. Separate courses cover Locomotive and Freight Car Air Brakes. The classes are 3 1/2 days long and provide more in-depth training for people wanting a better understanding and knowledge of train brake equipment.  Each class in Wilmerding starts at 8:30 am and runs until 3:45 pm Tuesday through Thursday.  Friday’s class will start at 8:30am but will end in the morning to allow for travel. Personal protective equipment needed for the class is safety approved footwear.
Freight Air Brake Training Class:  The freight car air brake training is designed around the Single Car Test Procedure per AAR S-486. We start at basic brakes defining the reason for brakes and testing. From there we cover history of air brakes and the various components that make up a typical freight car. This includes single capacity and empty/load equipment. Once the student understands the makeup of the brake system, we cover train brakes and terminal brake testing. Thursday is spent on Single Car Testing. We define the proper test procedure and the end of the day will be spent on the written exam. Friday is spent with the automated test devices and the test procedures. We will take time to try various applications and simulations with the 150 car air brake rack. Thursday we will take time for a tour of our facility. Note, we cannot provide the final item for air test certification per FRA 232 requirements in our facility in Wilmerding. We do not have a railcar for the student to do the practical test. For those that need to be certified alternate arrangements can be made for on-site training.
Locomotive Air Brake Training Class: This class is designed for a locomotive mechanic/machinist but it is adaptable to anyone working on locomotive brake equipment. We cover basic locomotive brakes, the history of air brakes and key in on the 26 type brake equipment. In this class you will learn how to read an air brake diagrams, what the various components do and how they work together. By understanding the components the student is better equipped to troubleshoot the 26L or 30ACDW brake equipment. Classes have gone through a transformation to include the operation of electronic brakes with freight pneumatic operation. With more electronic equipped locomotives, Friday mornings are devoted specifically to EPIC and Fastbrake equipment operation.
Locomotive EPIC/Fastbrake Class: These classes are set up ONLY in response to specific customer request. The class will be tailored to the customer needs in a generic class covering EPIC 3102 or II or Fastbrake or all types of Locomotive brake equipment. It is recommended the students attend the locomotive air brake class as a prerequisite. In this class we cover basics of locomotive brakes and how the electronic brakes have evolved. The various components that make up each of these systems and how to test, calibrate, maintain and troubleshoot of each of the systems.
All 2019 Training Class Dates:
Freight Training:  March 12 - 15, April 23 - 26
Locomotive Training:  April 9 - 12, May 7 - 10
Freight & Locomotive Brake Training Publications

Wabtec Service Support Education Books Training Materials

Education - Books and Training Materials

Wabtec offers a wide variety of material geared toward educating rail personnel on the operation and maintenance of rail air brake equipment. Obtain a training catalog at for a complete listing of publications.