Wabtec Compressors for Transit Cars

2CL and 4CL Oil-free Compressors

Wabtec offers 2CL and 4CL oil-free compressors that help address environmental regulations. The reciprocating, two-cylinder unit has a dry aluminum crankcase. One low-pressure cylinder supplies a single high-pressure cylinder through an intercooler mounted alongside the aftercooler. All wearing parts incorporate pre-lubricated sealed bearings and polymer rings that do not require lubrication.

Wabtec Air Dryer Units for Transit Cars

Air Dryer Units

The E-1A and E-1A HP Twin-Tower Air Dryer Units used in Wabtec compressors are engineered for high-duty-cycle operation.  These units provide consistently dry air with minimum post-compression air consumption.  Featuring continuous output, this dryer purges one desiccant tower, while the other tower performs the drying cycle.  Components include a spin-off, bead-type desiccant with built in prefilter, a mechanical liquid separator, an R-1 drain valve, a coalescing filter, a main reservoir check valve, an integral thermostat and heater and a control timer.

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Air/Hydraulic HP

Wabtec weight-saving HP-type Disc Brake Actuators use air pressure over hydraulic fluid for dependable braking force, improved response time and low air consumption. The hydraulic system utilizes the same design functions and features as the HP-type Tread Brake Unit.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Athena Controller

Athena Controller

Wabtec designed the Athena controller to meet demanding specifications for operational safety and long life.  Ideal for UIC or EN 15595-compliant wheel slide protection applications, Athena is designed for all passenger rail environments.  In addition to wheel slide, the modular design can also be configured for brake control and other systems where reliable computing is required.

Wabtec Transit Products Block Style BCRK Tread Brake Units

Block Style BCRK Tread Brake Units

These units are available as permanently fixed or floating. They feature compact and low-weight design, simplifying maintenance, reducing noise, and providing for constant brake application force. The BCRK tread brake with spring applied parking brake offers an anti-compound valve, which prevents the simultaneous activation of the parking and service brakes.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Power Collet Tread Brake Units

Block Style Power Collet Tread Brake Units

The Power Collet Tread Brake Units can include integrated parking brakes that are spring applied air pressure released with a manual release feature. Other configurations include parking brakes that can be manually reapplied. Brake head configurations can include a laterally compliant option to accommodate center axle lateral movement typical on locomotives.

Becorit Modular Brake System Wabtec Products


Becorit Modular Brake System, multi-flexible solution for various applications (high speed etc.). Multiple friction element design and friction level options possible for both sintered and organic material, even combinations are possible. Designed for Recycling, on-site depot recycling, staff training for on-site depot recycling.

Brake Discs

Brake Discs

Thousands of TecTran discs are currently in service.  Some of the most common disc types are:

  • Forged steel
  • Cast, ventilated monobloc
  • Cast, ventilated segmented

TecTran validates all brake disc designs using a dynamometer.

Brake Pad

Brake Pad

Composite (organic) Materials for various applications

Wabtec Transit Car Products CCRDK Compact Calipers

CCRDK Compact Calipers

This unit employs wedge force amplification and a very compact caliper design for high braking force in a compact installation.  The CCRDK uses rugged and proven technology at the component level and meets contemporary demands through refined layout and caliper design.  The unit is available for wheel- and axle-mounted disc installations and has a built-in spring parking brake and slack adjuster.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Collision Energy Management

Collision Energy Management (CEM)

CEM is available in a choice of:

  • Emergency release (shear) bolts
  • Single-use crush cartridge
  • Single-use deformation tube
  • Regenerative gas-hydraulic buffer
  • Overload shear-off mechanism at anchor
  • Two-piece drawbar with extended release
  • Press bolts
  • Hybrid Gas-Hydraulic Buffer/Deformation Tube

Wabtec Corp Transit Car Products Compact Calipers EVO

Compact Calipers EVO

The EVO Compact Caliper is similar to the CCRDK in its compact design but utilizes an internal lever mechanism to provide the force amplification.  The EVO features a double slack adjuster like the CCRDK.  The unit is available in arrangements for Axle Mounted Disc (AMD) and Wheel Mounted Disc (WMD) configurations.  Both service brake and parking brake configurations are available.  The parking brake configurations can be spring-applied or hand brake lever arrangements as needed.  The spring-applied parking brake is equipped with an internal anti-compounding feature eliminating the need for separate scheme for managing compounded loads.

Wabtec Freight Locomotive Products Composite Sintered Brake Shoes

Composite & Sintered Brake Shoes

Composite & sintered materials for various applications

Wabtec Corp Transit Car Products Conventional Discs

Conventional Discs Monobloc and Split

Monobloc axle mounted discs have a friction ring and hub cast in one piece.  There are two types of discs that use a friction ring bolted to a separate hub.  One type has a single-piece friction ring; another has a two-piece friction ring bolted together and then bolted to the hub. Monobloc discs are available in diameters from 380 mm to 710 mm (15 to 28 in.); split discs are available in diameters of 457, 533, and 686 mm (18, 21, and 27 in.).  Disc designs are also available in wheel-mounted disc applications where a monobloc is bolted to the outside of the wheel flange. These designs can vary from 610 to 711 mm (24 to 28 in.) outside diameter at varying disc thickness.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Oil-lubricated

D-4 and D-5 Oil-lubricated

Wabtec D-4 and D-5 oil-lubricated models feature advanced-design piston rings that control oil consumption to a minimum.  They feature exhaust mufflers and vibration isolators for reduced-noise operation.  These air compressors utilize standard NEMA frame AC motors attached to the compressor portion via an adapter bracket.  The compressor and motor shafts are connected by a flexible drive coupling.
The D-5 compressor is designed for lower air volume applications.  The D-5 uses the service-proven components of the D-4 compressors, but reduces the underfloor mounting space and power usage.

Wabtec Transit Car Products DECELOSTAT Equipment


The E-7 DECELOSTAT electronic unit controls either three-state pneumatic valves (axle-configuration, low-flow UIC type) or high-flow, fast-response valves for bogie and dual brake configurations.  The equipment can be configured for active or passive speed sensors positioned on each axle of the car, per bogie or per axle pneumatic valves and an electronic controller.

Wabtec Transit Car Products Draft Gear Types

Draft Gear Types

Wabtec offers various styles of buff / draft (double acting) Coupler Draft Gear:

  • Traditional Elastomeric
  • Synthetic Elastomeric
  • Steel Ring Spring
  • Spherilastic Bearings
  • Single- and Twin-Cushion Commuter Units

Wabtec Industrial Products Drive Sheaves / Industrial Solutions

Drive Sheaves / Industrial Solutions

For Hoist Engines, Cable cars for passengers, Rope ways for material transport, Elevators

Wabtec Transit Car Products Dump Valves

Dump Valves

A variety of fast-responding, high or low-flow-capacity dump valves is available for per-bogie or per-axle applications.  Valves include direct-venting or piloted configurations.
(pictured is D-1 DECELOSTAT Valve)

Wabtec Transit Car ProductsThird Rail Current Collector

DYNAGLIDE® Third Rail Current Collector

Wabtec manufactures the DYNAGLIDE® Third Rail Current Collector for high-performance power collection on all modern passenger rail vehicles. An elastomeric torsion unit provides paddle contact pressure and vibration dampening. Paddle height and contact pressure are adjustable on the vehicle. The collector is easy to maintain since there are no bearings requiring periodic lubrication. Third rail top-running and under-running styles are available. DYNAGLIDE® collectors have an insulating bracket directly mountable to the steel truck frame. They are equipped with a current limiting fuse and with an open fuse indicator to visually alert inspectors that maintenance is required. The collector paddle is designed to brake free from the collector paddle mounting if it encounters an obstruction on the third rail. This safety feature minimizes the possibility of damage to the collector assembly or to the third rail and its insulators.