Shenyang CNR Wabtec Railway Brake Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by Shenyang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Railway Brake Co., Ltd. and Wabtec Corporation. With the headquarters located near Pittsburgh, Wabtec Corporation is an international manufacturer and supplier of railway brake equipment, components & after-market parts for locomotives and rolling stocks, with a history of 140 years.
Shenyang CNR Wabtec Railway Brake Technology Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures brake systems, accessories and testing equipment for railway locomotives and rolling stocks, other electronic and mechanical products, and provides relevant maintenance and services for such products. Our products are widely used in railway locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars, as well as in urban railway transit systems.
The company sticks to the corporate mission of “manufacturing the best and most innovative products for Chinese and international rail and transit brake industry”, introduces and absorbs the world-leading brake technologies, researches and develops the cutting-edge products of railway brake, and provides customers with excellent products and first-class services.