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One of the best indicators of the operating condition of d-c machines is the performance of thecarbon brush on the commutator. The ability of the brush to perform is directly related to thedesign and quality of the BRUSHHOLDER that contains it on the commutator or slip ring.Fulmer Company has offered quality, service and technical expertise to you, our customers, forover fifty years. We have grown from a small regional company to a brushholder manufacturer oftruly international scope. We have in house engineering/design capabilities and assure quality bycontrolling all elements that relate to the manufacture of our brushholders. Fulmer Companyconforms and is certified to the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Standard for themanufacture and re-manufacture of electric motor brushholders, spring assemblies and precisionmachined products. We have our own foundry for producing brushholder castings and our ownspring shop for the manufacture of flat and round wire springs as well as all styles of constantforce assemblies. Our manufacturing facility features 47,000 square feet of dedicated shop areafor custom machining, casting, finishing and assembly of our parts. Over the years, thiscombination of quality workmanship and state-of-the-art equipment has enabled Fulmer Companyto achieve an unequaled reputation for precision, performance and reliability.At Fulmer Company, we pride ourselves on helping industry meet new and challenging needs byproviding the highest-quality manufacturing services available. We continuously upgrade ourcapabilities through the acquisition of advanced precision tooling and the development of moreefficient manufacturing methods and procedures.Through acquisition, Fulmer owns the full line of “Diamond” brushholders. This further expandedFulmer’s capabilities as a full line manufacturer of brushholders for all phases of industry.We feel that it is our progressive approach to manufacturing that has distinguished our operationsin the past, and will permit us to provide even more responsive service in the future. Ourreputation, we believe, is reconfirmed in every order we produce. Thank you for your continuedsupport of Fulmer Company.

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