Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation (Wabtec Corporation) is a leading global provider of products and services for rail and industrial markets.  Through its subsidiaries, the company manufactures a range of products for locomotives, freight cars, transit cars and buses. In addition, Wabtec specializes in developing and creating power-related products for industries worldwide.  For the convenience of our customers, we offer products and services through our network of offices around the world.
Wabtec de Mexico, now Wabtec Inc. started operations in 1998 manufacturing machined parts for the Locomotive Industry (Gears and Pinions for Traction Motors).
During the last 7 years Wabtec de Mexico has been playing the roll of internal supply source for Wabtec Corporation adding different Business Units to the current operations from many divisions. Actually we manufacture OEM parts like Brake Valves, Bus Bars, Harnesses, Structures and Subassemblies for Locomotive Cabs and Door Panels for Transit Cars. During the past two years Wabtec de Mexico expanded their operations building wheelchair lifts and ramps opening a second facility.
Mission: To be a leading and competitive company in the manufacture of components for the railway, mass transit, and industrial industry and to be one of the three better plants of the corporation into Security, Quality, Cost, Quality systems Application of and Deliver on time providing earnings to the investors.
Vision: To manufacture components and to grant services directed to the railway, mass transit and industrial industry that fulfill the requirements of our customers with Quality, Service and Price.
Wabtec de Mexico manufactures a wide range of components as:

  • Machining & Assembly Parts
  • Cables & Harnesses
  • Door Panel for metros
  • Fabrication parts (Cut, bend, welded and painted)
  • Wheelchair lifts and ramps for commercial, paratransit, transit, motorcoach and passenger rail vehicles.