Wabtec Foundry has been supplying high quality castings to various industries since 1932. Our skilled workforce and our ability to deliver have made us a valued supplier in the casting industry. Wabtec supplies high quality castings to many industries.  Among the variety of industries we have served are Rail, Mining, Transportation, Marine, Industrial, Agriculture, Pneumatics and a variety of other Commercial sources.  Our mission is to provide value-added quality products that meet the needs of our customers, from the most basic castings to the most complex casting design.
Our core competency is to supply highly cored iron or aluminum castings up to 1,500 lbs., along with providing technical foundry resources that can assist in casting design reviews while offering four week lead times.  We offer a complete line of services to support the casting process from the initial conception to delivery. We work with our customers to match their requirements with a cost effective manufacturing solution. We offer various molding capabilities to support both high and low volume production.