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PA - G&B Specialties, Inc

PA - G&B Specialties, Inc

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
G&B Specialties, Inc offers railgear installation and maintenance services on light-duty pickup trucks pick up trucks and utility vehicles for GVWR up to 10,000lbs for RAFNA railgear, manufactured by the Wabtec business unit G&B Specialties, Inc. Designed for safe rail operation and long service life with minimum maintenance, G&B's RAFNA railgear transfers vehicles from road to rail quickly and is easy to operate.
G&B Specialties, Inc.
535 West 3rd Street
Berwick, PA 18603
Phone: 570-752-5901

wabtec westinghouse air brake Positive Train Control Pantograph Overhauls

Pantograph Overhauls

TransTech & Stemmann-Technik provides routine overhauls, mid-life overhauls, repairs, and overhaul kits for pantographs.

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Part Sales

LH Access Technology can offer a full new parts and spares service for the following:

  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog
  • Mitsubishi Fuso

We carry many items in stock available for next day delivery.

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Passenger Locomotive Rebuild / Repower / Overhauls

RELCO, a Wabtec company, specializes in reworking old and worn-out equipment into like new locomotives complete with material and workmanship warranty and value added options. With a broad range of solutions, RELCO has the capability to rebuild in-kind, upgrade emissions by adding a RELCO developed and tested emission kit or repowering with a more fuel-efficient and lower emissions engine.  With a proven track record and broad expert technical density, we work closely with our customers to provide long-term solutions to achieve the highest levels of safety, performance, operating efficiency and reliability.
RELCO has reworked locomotives for a variety of customers, over a wide selection of models and for all locomotive markets.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Patternmaking service layup infusion bagging tooling

Patternmaking Facilities and Expertise

Brecknell Willis Composites offers a comprehensive in-house patternmaking service. This allows BWC to collaborate with customers to produce bespoke tooling before manufacture commences, ensuring the product supplied meets their exact requirements.
Manufacturing processes:

  • Hand layup
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Cold press tooling

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Project Management

Project Management

Project Management – Project scoping and business case development, management and project closeout.

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QC - Rail Xtra

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Rail Xtra
3225 Boulevard Losch
Saint-Hubert, Quebec  J3Y 3V6
Phone: 1-844-300-0300

wabtec westinghouse air brake Quality & Services image 1

Quality & Services

Quality & Services
We provide extensive services, which fully comply with customer requirements. 100 years of experience and our technical expertise in development, production, maintenanceafter sales service/spare parts and quality practice go into these services. We take care of our customers’ and clients’ needs, apply a holistic and solution-oriented thought process, act flexibly and help quickly at home and abroad.
As a manufacturer, we supply you with original spare parts “Made in Germany” during the entire application period of our products.
Constructive know-how for customised solutions
The main focus of our constructive services is in compiling solutions made to measure for challenging assignments together with our customers. From the idea of a producible component as a one of a kind or serial product. Numerous innovations and records attest to the quality of our constructive work.
Many of our teams of engineers have international experience and have been working together in well-established project teams for many years. Professional equipment and tools go without saying. Efficient processes throughout all phases also ensure the economic success of the project for our clients.
Creative design

  • Engineering work for international sales orders
  • Development of serial products and special-purpose solutions 
  • Upgrading and optimisation of existing customer systems
  • Modification of our own standard series and technologies
  • Development of innovative technologies/system solutions
  • Constructive work in international joint projects

Service and Maintenance
Ensuring ongoing availability
Routine and all-round maintenance prevents uncontrollable downtimes. Upon request, we put our own as well as third party components and products through their paces.
We strive to make mobile equipment available at all times in everyday industrial life. For this purpose, we have competent and skilled service technicians at our disposal with standardised tools and equipment. We would be more than happy to compile an individual maintenance proposal for you.
Acting instead of reacting

  • Routine, predictable maintenance intervals
  • Application of original spare parts
  • Ensuring ongoing availability
  • Direct cost control

After sales service/Spare parts
High class German workmanship for international markets
We cover the entire production range of our energy and data transfer systems in a 15,000 sqm roofed production area. We manufacture, assemble and carry out a thorough inspection of technical core components as well as most of the products before delivery. This makes it possible for us to quickly manufacture high quality spare parts for your requirements and to provide our customers with them just as quickly.
Extraordinary expertise in development and production enables us to advise each customer individually and to support each customer effectively in any situation. Lean structures, dedicated employees and state-of-the-art machinery ensure punctual delivery.
High quality work from A to Z

  • short reaction times according to customer requests
  • efficient product development based on proven and tested technologies/model ranges
  • production according to international standards and directives
  • internal assembly, quality control and testing
  • quick delivery, even for large contract volumes
  • extensive customised services

Quality Management
Highest quality for satisfied customers
The quality of our services and products is aimed at the complete fulfilment of our customers’ wishes, needs and expectations. In the process, the benchmark for the assessment of our quality is first and foremost set by you - our customer.
Internal quality management ensures compliance with international standards and directives. The implementation of the QM system is carried out according to standardised methods and with the help of flexible tools for the modelling and documentation of all production and business processes (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008).
Certificates and Approvals

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westinghouse air brake technologies corporation company Re-Certification


LH Access Technology offers a re-certification service for in possession road/rail vehicles, and has vast experience with the Re-Certification process for RIS-1530-PLT. Services we can provide include static and dynamic testing, delta q and brake testing and producing operators and maintenance manuals for your RRVs, RMMMs and On-Track Plant.

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LH Group specialise in refurbishment packages for a variety of Road/ Rail vehicles that can be tailored to meet customers specific requirements. All work is carried out within our modern environmentally friendly workshop facilities based at Barton Under Needwood. The vehicles can be tested after refurbishment or modifications have taken place within the site on our purpose built test track that incorporates up to 200mm of cant. To complement the work we carry out, LH Group is an approved Mercedes Benz/Fuso after sales agent with full diagnostic equipment and OEM support direct from the factory giving us all the latest vehicle updates.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Mors Smitt Retrofit Form Fit Function Refurbishments

Retrofit & Replacement Solutions

Extending life expectancy by upgrading obsolete and outdated rail network installations is mandating the replacement and retrofit of obsolete components. Many authorities recognize Mors Smitt´s expertise in this field, especially for retrofit and replacement with form, fit and function compliant systems (FFF).
This is an area of increasing significance:

  • Inhouse design and prototyping of new solutions
  • Customer specific type testing and validation
  • On site implementation and commissioning
  • After sales support

Mors Smitt delivers perfect and competitive on time solutions for any challenge of space limitations and / or technical requirements.

wabtec westinghouse air brake PTC Positive Train Control shoe gear overhaul

Shoe Gear Overhaul

TransTech provides overhauls for shoe gear

Signalling Design

Signalling Design

Signalling design for relay, processors based and mechanical signalling layouts, mechanical and pneumatic systems.
We have significant expertise, experience and scale to provide an end-to-end design solution for our clients rail signalling needs.

  • Technical and Project Specifications / Bid Support
  • Scheme Development (UK GRIP 3-4)
  • Detailed Design (UK GRIP 5)

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning

We offer installation, testing and commissioning services for projects ranging from small replacements to major signalling schemes.

  • Installation/Testing Management 
  • Installation/Testing Resources 
  • Correlation 
  • Site Survey

SK - Prairie Diesel, Inc.

RAFNA Railgear Service Center
Prairie Diesel, Inc.
210 8th St
Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0
Phone: 306-682-2900

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System Engineering & Integration

Xorail is a leading railroad System Integrator and System Engineering organization based out of the USA with globalcapability. We offer End-To-End Engineering Services in:

  • Data Engineering
  • Construction Services
  • Integration Services
  • PTC Engineering
  • Signal Design
  • Crossing Design
  • Communications Design

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  • Wayside Assets and Configuration management
  • Built in FRA test
  • In – process designs
  • Plan Management
  • PTC Data Management

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Track Data Management

In order for the I-ETMS System to traverse a route it needs to be aware of all the potential stop targets and operation rules on that route. A track database in the form of a SubDiv file provides the I-ETMS system with all the geographic geometry and attribution needed to identify stop targets and attributes. The track database also provides operating rules and speeds as additional information for the I-ETMS to determine the correct behaviors required for that route and track. Wabtec provides tools and services to create the track database and SubDiv file for the I-ETMS system. The intent of this document is to define the services we provide within the PTC space.