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Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company V1/V2 Valve

V1/V2 Valve

Maintaining temperature of the cooling system is the function of the V1/V2 valves on Dash 9 and AC4400 locomotives. Proper operation of these valves is critical to the health of your locomotive. Maintain the health of your locomotive by having these valves re-manufactured at Vista Corporation at regularly scheduled intervals. Vista re-manufactures to OEM specifications and is currently doing these valves for an Eastern Class 1 carrier.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Transit Bus Products Wheelchair Lift - Classic Model

Wheelchair Lift - Classic Model

Classic performance, reliability and value. Features patented, fully interlocked occupant restraint belt system and threshold warning system. Automatic inboard and outboard rollstop barriers. FMVSS and ADA compliant. For paratransit and commercial vehicles, and school buses

Wabtec Transit Bus Products Wheelchair Lift - Titanium™ Model

Wheelchair Lift - Titanium™ Model

Heavy-duty line of wheelchair lifts that delivers "Best-in-Class" performance and value. True 1,000 lb. capacity and features patented, interlocked occupant restraint belt system. Rugged Dura-Touch, shock and water-resistant control pendant. High-strength steel alloy construction. For paratransit and commercial vehicles, and school buses.

wabtec westinghouse air brake Products Windows for Transit Buses

Windows for Transit Buses

Comprehensive line of CityView® (frameless) and standard frame designs. Available in various configurations to meet exact requirements.