ABDX® Control Valve

Wabtec Corp Freight Car ABDX® Control Valve

Since its introduction in 1989, the ABDX control valve has undergone numerous improvements to increase service life and make the valve more robust in the demanding and ever-evolving railroad environment.

  • ABDX for standard cars having 45 - 75 feet of brake pipe
  • ABDX-L for cars with 75 feet of brake pipe
  • ABDX-SS for non-interchange applications with less than 45 feet of brake pipe

Features / Benefits:

  • Available in either the traditional "AB-type" pipe bracket mounting arrangement or mounted on a single sided pipe bracket that places service and emergency portion right in front for easy access
  • A valve design that assures precise operating performance and proper brake cylinder pressure under all braking conditions, including the most demanding grade situations
  • High reliability and long service life, stemming from continuous, adaptive product improvements combined with Wabtec's dedication to quality
  • Thoroughly tested to demanding standards and serialized for traceability 
  • Operationally stable for quick response sensitivity while avoiding undesired emergency and/or unintended service brake applications
  • Aluminum construction makes them half the weight of cast iron valves and much easier to handle
  • Cleaner aluminum castings are alodined for corrosion resistance
  • Built-in accommodation available for precise, automatic on-car testing