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Wabtec Freight Car products Reduced Weight Truck Castings

Reduced Weight Truck Castings

As a leader in providing stabilization systems for freight cars, Standard Car Truck offers bolster and side frame castings.
S-2-HD-9C LW (F-1449 Bolster, F-1490 Side Frame)

  • 6532 # nominal carset weight (including fittings)
  • Tested in excess of M-202 / M-203 Requirements
  • 100 % Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • AAR Approved March 2014

Wabtec westinghouse air brakes Freight Car Products Release Mechanism

Release Mechanism

Release mechanism for the automatic release of the brake system.

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Reservoir Auxiliary Emergency

Reservoir - Combined Auxiliary and Emergency

Wabtec Freight Car Pneumatics manufactures a variety of freight brake devices including various venting devices.

  • Compliant with AAR specification S-494 (standard and large sizes)
  • All reservoirs designed according to ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1
  • The fabricated one piece design has two attachment lugs on the auxiliary side and one lug on the emergency side to ensure proper application on the freight car

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Resilient Blocks

Resilient Blocks

SCT-9, SCT-11, SCT-14, SCT-17, SCT-24, SCT-27, SCT-34, SCT-56, SCT-57

  • Available in three preloads: 3000, 5400, and 6000
  • Easily replaces all Stucki type resilient blocks

wabtec locomotive Retainer & Keeper Lock system for Draft Keys

Retainer & Keeper

Lock system for Draft Keys

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Retaining Valve

Retaining Valve

Wabtec Freight Car Pneumatics manufactures a variety of freight brake devices including various venting devices.

  • Offering brass and composite retaining valves to suit your needs
  • Compliant with AAR specification S-446
  • Three position manually operated valve to either allow direct air flow from the brake cylinder on a brake release or retain air in the brake cylinder on a release depending upon the positioning of the handle
  • Floor and suspension mounting options

Wabtec westinghouse air brake tech Freight Car Products Riv-Bolt & Collars

Riv-Bolt & Collars

  • Completely interchangeable with Huck® style fasteners
  • Completely compatible with Huck® installation equipment
  • Multiple head shapes and finishes available
  • Huck® style locking mechanism available on all collars

Wabtec westinghouse air brake locomotive products RM-160 Monitoring System

RM-160 Monitoring System

  • Basic system includes RM-160 modem, 160MHz radio, DC/DC Power converter (either 12VDC/12VDC or 24VDC/12VDC), Communication Cables
  • Wabtec supports RM-160 for new builds, narrowband upgrades, and repairs

Wabtec Freight Car Products Rough Service Brake Cylinder Hose

Rough Service Brake Cylinder Hose

  • 50-foot hose
  • Available on hose reel or separately

Wabte Freight Car Products S-1 Load Sensing Valve

S-1 Load Sensing Valve

  • Sensor arm measures the relationship of the car body to the top of the truck side frame to determine if a car is empty or loaded
  • Regulates air flow to the P-1 Load Proportional Valve when a car is empty
  • Compliant with AAR specification S-4002

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products SAC-1 Tool-Kit II

SAC-1 Tool-Kit II

Cardwell Westinghouse is now offering the new SAC-1TM Tool-Kit II for improved wear and durability when performing replacements of ball studs and races in the field on SAC-1TM Spherical Articulated Couplings on well cars.
Hardened bushings added to the arm and support ring brackets for improved durability at the connecting pin interface.
New Cylinder Stroke Shim:

  •  Eliminates need to adjust the arm pin location after each maximum stroke cycle is achieved.
  • Tool kit press assembly remains pinned in assembly from initial application through push-out of the ball and race liner components

Wabtec Freight Car Products Spherical Articulated Couplings

SAC-1™ Spherical Articulated Couplings

Wabtec offers a semi-permanent connection coupling system that features low maintenance self-lubrication design. Designed to maintain a slack-free connection, the SAC-1™ eliminates the need to stop cars for lubrications and readjustments of side bearing heights. Made for today’s competitive transportation market, it offers substantial weight savings, improved car handling and reduced operating costs.
Available in 14” Center Plate and 16” Center Plate Designs

  • Positive slack-free connection
  • Reduces side-bearing height adjustments caused by connector wear
  • May be used in 70-, 100-, or 125-ton trucks, and can be used as a retrofit
  • Horizontal travel ±22°
  • Unique wedge design simplifies coupling and uncoupling of cars and completely eliminates slack
  • Designed and tested to 1,250,000 pounds buff load and 630,000 pounds draft load
  • Vertical travel ±11° eliminates uncoupling and recoupling during wheel changeouts and required maintenance

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Signal Acquisition Module

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Schaefer Link System

Schaefer Link System

This combination of components guides the brake beam in a horizontal configuration, regardless of brake beam end extension wear. The brake beam is prevented from drooping, which can cause the top of the brake shoe to wear more than the bottom as the top of the brake head tilts closer to the wheel tread. It also reduces the frictional losses between the brake beam and the side frame pocket, thereby increasing the rigging efficiency and reducing the brake shoe force variations from side to side on the same brake beam.

  • Uses standard truck lever arrangement
  • Promotes even brake shoe wear
  • Improves brake shoe force and shoe alignment
  • Extends life of the end guide and wear liner as well as the brake shoe and wheel life
  • Equipped with Schaefer 3-hole truck lever connections and equipment links

Wabtec westinghouse air brake freight car Sheet Parts and products

Sheet Parts

WestRail stocks material and has manufacturing capabilities to produce most aluminum coal car sheet parts. Utilize our side sheet splices for, faster, easier, and a less expensive repair than replacing an entire side sheet. We can customize splice kits for your unique repair needs.
Available Sheets:

  • Floor Sheets
  • Hopper Sheets
  • Interior Bracing Brackets
  • Slide Sheet Splices
  • Slope Sheets
  • Spreader Beams
  • Wide Tubs
  • Wing Sheets
  • Doors
  • End Sheet-Chords

Side Frame Column Wear Plate

Wabtec Freight Car Products Side Frame Keys Narrow Pedestals

Side Frame Keys (Narrow Pedestals)

Schaefer Equipment offers a variety of freight car brake parts and other truck car components, including custom forgings.
Side frame keys, made from forged steel for greater strength, prevent roller bearing wheel assemblies from becoming dislodged from side frame assemblies. Schaefer side frame keys confirm to AAR standard S-325.

Wabtec westinghouse air brakes locomotive products Sintered Blocks Brake Shoe

Sintered Blocks Type 229 Brake Shoe

High friction (K) sintered brake shoes for wheel brakes. Specially designed for trains with speed up to 200 km/h.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Sintered blocks type Brake Shoe

Sintered Blocks Type C952 and C952/1 Brake Shoe

Low friction (LL) sintered brake shoes for cast iron replacement whit good fiction stability, low heat sensitive and low wear

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Locomotive Products Sintered Brake Shoe

Sintered Blocks Type Mix 333 Brake Shoe

High friction (K) sinter brake material according to UIC541/1. Specially designed for trains with speed up to 200 km/h