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Wabtec Freight Car Products Bolster Pocket Wear Plates Inserts

Bolster Pocket Wear Plates and Inserts

As the originator of variably damped snubbing, Standard Car Truck’s Barber™ products have been tested, adapted and refined through decades of lab work and field experience to ensure component durability and proper damping operation to protect cars and lading.

  • Standard Car Truck offers a variety of M-976 approved snubbing options
  • On many designs wedges can be removed from pockets without special tools and without disassembly of the truck, allowing for easy replacement of wedges and column wearplates 
  • Side wall wear plates and split wedge inserts are easily replaceable, avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming rewelding of pocket surfaces during reconditioning 
  • Most older trucks may be upgraded to the Barber Split Wedge System simply by adding an insert to the pocket

Bolster Wear Plate

Bolster Wear Plate

Bolster Pocket Wear Plates. All sizes are optional. Call today to start a bolster pocket wear plate project with Workhorse Rail.

Wabtec Corporation Freight Car Products Bottom 15°

Bottom 15°

4-Port Receiver with optional Brake Cylinder Read Device. 

  • Wabtec offers 4-Port receivers and a variety of access plates for application with the various pipe bracket mounting arrangements
  • The Automated Single Car Test Device helps save time:

    - Over 90% of problems are diagnosed in the first 15 min of testing
     - Average test time is approximately 27 minutes; up to 50% time savings

  • Easier failure diagnosis
  • Reduces human errors which cause "false failures" that are commonplace in manual testing
  • To provide more accurate test results, 4 pressure ports (brake pipe, brake cylinder, auxiliary reservoir and emergency reservoir) are monitored, versus monitoring brake pipe and brake cylinder only in end of car testing

Bottom Rod Support

Bottom Rod Support

Bottom Rod Support (BR41). AAR S-399 approved. Over 500,000 in service.



Uncoupling Lever Bracket (WR803)

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Beam Hangers

Brake Beam Hangers

Forged from C-1045 special bar quality steel, Schaefer Equipment brake beam hangers are heat treated to provide increased strength and long service life. The loop type hangers are offered in various lengths.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Clevises

Brake Clevises

Schaefer brake clevises are forged from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel to assure greater strength and resistance to wear. They are available in all standard AAR sizes, as well as special sizes and configurations upon request.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinder Hose Reel

Brake Cylinder

Aimed at improving our ability to support customer orders with shorter lead times. Wabtec introduced the new universal brake cylinder, available in 10” and 8 1/2” sizes.

  • Incorporates three air flanges with the universal non-pressure head
  • Can be oriented in four different mounting positions
  • Better inventory control and greater flexibility in product usage

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Brake Cylinder

10X12 ABU

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinder Hose Reel

Brake Cylinder Hose Reel

  • Standard on cart mount units
  • 50 foot hose

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

Brake Cylinder Packing Cups

  • ABU Freight Car Brake Cylinders (New Nitrile Rubber Compound)

    - 8 1/2" and 10" sizes

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinder Pressure Taps

Brake Cylinder Pressure Taps

  • Dual seal to protect from leakage. 
  • Various fittings to install the taps in the brake cylinder air line such as:

    -Saddle mount fittings
    -Flange fittings
    -Sandwich plate style flange fittings
    -Blanking pad style flange fittings

  • Also available as option on 4-Port Receiver

Wabtec Corp Freight Car Products Brake Cylinder Tubing

Brake Cylinder Tubing

  • Standard on truck mount units
  • 50 foot hose

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Cylinders UIC type

Brake Cylinders UIC Type

Standard brake cylinder (BC), in accordance with UIC 542 criteria, in following dimensions: 8"", 10"", 12"", 14"", 16"" with free or fixed piston rod. Option-tropical version. All brake cylinder of UIC type are TSI approved.

Brake Pins

Brake Pins

Hardened Brake Pins. Available in 60+ sizes. TTX approved. Always in stock.  View All Sizes

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Cylinder Push Pins

Brake Rod Cylinder Push Pins

Schaefer brake cylinder push pins are forged from C-1040/1045 special bar quality steel for lightweight and high strength, especially in the jaw area, where reduced weight provides better wear and longer service life. Brake rods exceed AAR requirements.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Eyes

Brake Rod Eyes

Arc-weld brake rod eyes are easy to apply and are used for application on new equipment, maintenance, or repairs. Arc-weld eyes, forged from C-1020 steel, are for application to brake rods from 3/4 to 1 3/8 inch diameter.

Brake Rod Jaw

Brake Rod Jaw

Brake Rod Jaw. Forged. Always in stock.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Jaws

Brake Rod Jaws

Arc-weld brake rod jaws suited for use on new equipment or in repair or maintenance applications, are easy to apply and can be used in any shop or repair track that has arc-welding equipment. The arc-weld socket assures correct alignment of the jaw with the brake rod without using special jigs or fixtures. Jaws are forged from C-1020 steel and are for application to 3/4 through 1 3/8 inch diameter brake rods.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Rod Splice

Brake Rod Splice

  • Allows for easy field replacement of worn, broken or bent brake rods
  • Schaefer type features one piece design, simply wrap the splice around the repair joint and weld

    - Available in 3/4"-7/8" rods and 1" - 1 1/8" rods

  • Two Zeftek ZT-368 splices are welded together to join the existing brake rod and new brake rod section to restore rod integrity

    - Use on 3/4" and 7/8" brake rod diameters

  • Available as complete assembly or individually