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Cable Crawler

Cable Crawler

Wabtec Cable Festoon Systems

Cable Festoon Systems

We manufacture lightweight and heavy-duty models of Cable Festoon Systems (plastics or steel), with rollers for C-rails, T-beams or tensioning ropes. The selection of the appropriate system depends on the respective situation at site, the cable type to be transported and its total weight. 
The cable trolleys are either made of plastics or galvanised steel and beared on rollers so they can be easily moved. They have a rubber or plastic plating so the transported cables are not damaged.
Festoon Cable Carrier
Cable Festoon Systems with C-rails can be used in many ways. For instance, they are installed on indoor cranes, in workshops or on outdoor surfaces, to implement a flexible transmission of current and compressed air or media.

Festoon cable trolley - Made in Germany
Many other names of cable festoon system are used, including festoon cable carrier, festoon cable trolley, festoon cable system, c-rail festoon system and flat cable connector.
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Wabtec Corporation Products cable reel

Cable Reel

Power, signal, data and media transmission on mobile equipment through winding and unwinding of reel mounted cables and hoses

Wabtec Corporation Products Cable Reels

Cable Reels

TransTech provides cable management through the utilization of Stemmann-Technik monospiral and cylindrical cable reels. These reels ensure the longevity and proper care of the cables and hoses that supply mobile machines with power, control data, or other media. TransTech works closely with its sister company – Stemmann-Technik – to ensure the utmost care is taken in the winding and unwinding of hoses and cables in order to increase the life and performance of the cable or hose, as well as reduce the cost-of-life ownership of both the reel and the cable

Wabtec Cable Reels

Cable Reels

Motor- and spring-driven cable reels are designed for the power supply to movable machines. The motor- and spring-driven cable reels are manufactured in accordance with the travel distances and the power of the movable machines. Regarding the version of the cable reel it is differentiated between cylindrical and spiral version. Which one of these versions is chosen depends on the customer’s resp. design-requirements. 
Special designs and the required accessories are innovatively produced by Stemmann-Technik corresponding to the customer’s requirements.

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Carbon Brushes PanTrac Wabtec Company

Carbon Brushes

Carbon brushes for rotating equipment in railways, industry and power generation, including wind energy.
A huge range of grades proven in the most demanding applications.

Carbon Strips Wabtec Pantrac Products

Carbon Strips

Carbon strips for pantographs. Manufactured to the highest standards by Pantrac, our key manufacturing location in Germany. The preferred choice for leading rail systems worldwide. Our materials are proven to give long-life and reliable performance.

  • Low wear on the carbon material and overhead line
  • High-current carrying capacity and high temperature resistance
  • Lead-free metal impregnation of the coal marks for high and very high current loads (RH 84M6, RH 83M6, RH 85M6)
  • Connection between carbon profile and Al carrier by means of an electrically conductive adhesive
  • Electrically conducting adhesive connection temperature-resistant up to 250 ° C
  • Tested with short-circuit current of 30kA (half-wave 16 2/3 Hz)
  • Reliable automatic lowering system (ADD)
  • Reliable quality control (according to EN 50405)

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Carbon/Brass Slip Rings

Carbon/Brass slip rings

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Carbon/Carbon Slip Rings

Carbon/Carbon Slip Rings

Wabtec Industrial Products Carburetor Joint

Carburetor Joint

  • 16.5
  • 27.5
  • CB 400 / 450
  • CG 125
  • DT 180
  • FAN 125
  • FAZER 250 / LANDER 25
  • Left Teneré XT 600
  • NXR125/150 BROS
  • NX 150
  • RDZ / RD 135
  • Titan 150
  • Titan 150KS/ES
  • Titan 150 C/ Catalizador
  • TTR 230
  • RD 350
  • Right Teneré XT 600
  • XL 125 S
  • XL 250 R
  • XL 250 R (double)
  • XLR 125
  • XLX 250 R
  • XLX 350 R
  • XTZ 125
  • YBR 125
  • YBR Factor 125

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Cast Slip Rings

Cast Slip Rings

Wabtec Corporation Industrial Products Click-Ductor


Conductor system with insulating PVC housing with 4, 5 or 7 pre-installed flat copper conductors. Capacity 50Amps up to 400Amps.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Shoes and Pad

COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe

V672 - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V674 - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V606 - 18" All Weather Locomotive Brake Shoe
V626 - 14" "Day One" TREADGUARD® Locomotive Brake Shoe
The COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe has a special composition material and cast iron insert(s).
TreadGuard is a value-added brake shoe that:

  • Minimizes wheel replacement and turnings
  • Conditions and cleans the wheel tread
  • Improves rail to wheel adhesion
  • Provides longer brake shoe life

Additional TreadGuard Freight Brake Shoe Features:

  • AAR approval to M-926
  • AAR job code approval (1842 & 1843)
  • Dual faced radius and chamfered edges
  • AP design
  • Painted red for immediate identification

Additional TreadGuard Locomotive Brake Shoe Features

  • Meets AAR RP-599
  • Offset and AP configurations
  • Two inserts for optimum wheel conditioning
  • Painted red for immediate identification



TransTech offers heavy-duty, shoe-type collectors as well as industrial pantograph-type collectors. These collectors are meant for use with rigid conductor systems as used on crane runways or similar installations. These are robust collectors that are designed for long life in harsh environments.

Wabtec Products Commercial Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Commercial Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Integrated Cooling Systems for On-Highway and Off-Highway OEM Applications
Mechanical Bond Radiators, HI-FIN Oil Coolers, Charge Air Coolers 

Wabtec Composite Arc Protection

Composite Arc Protection

Brecknell Willis Composites’ Composite Arc Protection is produced using ether traditional hand lay or cold press manufacturing methods out of Synolite T001-T-1 and chopped strand mat.

Wabtec Industrial Products Composite Architectural Cladding

Composite Architectural Cladding

The capability to reproduce most textured surfaces makes composites a superb alternative for Architectural cladding.
In the past, Brecknell Willis Composites have reproduced brick, concrete, wall tiles, even tree bark to meet customers’ aesthetic requirements.

Wabtec Corp Products Composite Machine Guards & Covers

Composite Machine Guards & Covers

Brecknell Willis Composites regularly produce bespoke guards, covers and hatches.
Given the ability to reproduce complex shapes and a wide variety of material qualities, composites make an extremely versatile option.

Wabtec Industrial Products Composite Radomes and Projector Screens

Composite Radomes and Projector Screens

Brecknell Willis Composites has taken part in many large-scale dome construction projects such as Radomes and simulator projection screens.
Each dome is manufactured to the customer's specifications, typically comprising of many smaller panels which are assembled at BWC for acceptance before delivery.

Wabtec Products Composite Train Interiors & Exteriors

Composite Train Interiors & Exteriors

Brecknell Willis Composites has a longstanding history of supplying structural and aesthetic body panels to the rail industry.
Products supplied include:

  • Cab and inter-end assemblies
  • Headlight housings
  • Internal body trim panels
  • Electrification arms