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Wabtec Locomotive Products Central Diagnostics System

Central Diagnostics System

With MotivePower’s Central Diagnostic System (CDS) you can monitor locomotive location, health status and manage fleet diagnostics in real-time. Meeting the needs for fleets of all sizes, the CDS system can help improve on-time performance, reduce operating costs and increase revenue through improved productivity, enhanced asset tracking, proactive service management and comprehensive preventive maintenance information. 

  • Remote monitoring of vehicle health
      • Integrates with the Q-Tron locomotive control system, Head End Power (HEP) genset (where applicable) and Cab Signal system
      • Captures 80% of locomotive functions
      • Provides faults real-time to the CDS web site
  • Intuitive web site display of critical parameters such as: 
      • Prime mover and HEP operating values such as real time horse-power, fuel consumption, operating temperatures, and more
      • Battery current
      • Locomotive speed
      • HEP kW load vs. time
      • Trainline monitoring of critical multiple unit (MU) signals
      • Auto Engine Stop/Start (AESS) status
  • GPS location tracking for each locomotive
  • Optional on-site technicians available to support equipment diagnosis and data analysis
  • CDS system utilizes cellular communication or 802.11 wireless
  • Secure and reliable CDS data storage
  • Email notification to key operation personnel
  • Easy to use web interface
      • Access to basic diagnostic instructions for both maintainer and operating engineer
      • Access to locomotive schematics and manuals
  • Ability to access portable test equipment files remotely
  • Improves on-time performance



Brake clevis available in seven (7) sizes. Forged.

Clevis Pins

Clevis Pins

Zinc-plated Clevis Pins. Always in stock.

Wabtec Freight Car Products Brake Shoes and Pad

COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe

V672 - 1.5" Hi Cap Freight TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V674 - 2" Hi Cap TREADGUARD® Brake Shoe "Day One"
V606 - 18" All Weather Locomotive Brake Shoe
V626 - 14" "Day One" TREADGUARD® Locomotive Brake Shoe
The COBRA® TreadGuard® Brake Shoe has a special composition material and cast iron insert(s).
TreadGuard is a value-added brake shoe that:

  • Minimizes wheel replacement and turnings
  • Conditions and cleans the wheel tread
  • Improves rail to wheel adhesion
  • Provides longer brake shoe life

Additional TreadGuard Freight Brake Shoe Features:

  • AAR approval to M-926
  • AAR job code approval (1842 & 1843)
  • Dual faced radius and chamfered edges
  • AP design
  • Painted red for immediate identification

Additional TreadGuard Locomotive Brake Shoe Features

  • Meets AAR RP-599
  • Offset and AP configurations
  • Two inserts for optimum wheel conditioning
  • Painted red for immediate identification

Wabtec Positive Train Control PTC Commlink II

Commlink II

Wabtec’s Communication Manager, Commlink II, provides IP routing and communication management functions.

  • Host for additional applications such as:
        – ITC application gateway
        – Event recorder download
        – Video recorder health
        – Fuel reporting
        – Health monitoring
  • Card-file architecture provides flexibility
        – Mobile access router
        – General purpose computer
  • Fully qualified for locomotive environment
  • Shared components with I-ETMS® TMC simplifies logistics management
  • Core system comprised of processor module, router / switch module (RSM), cellular modems, and GPS receiver

Wabtec Freight Locomotive Products Composite Sintered Brake Shoes

Composite & Sintered Brake Shoes

Composite & sintered materials for various applications

Wabtec Composite Arc Protection

Composite Arc Protection

Brecknell Willis Composites’ Composite Arc Protection is produced using ether traditional hand lay or cold press manufacturing methods out of Synolite T001-T-1 and chopped strand mat.

Composite Brake Block Replacement for Cast Iron Brake Block

Composite Brake Block Replacement for Cast Iron Brake Block

FIP manufactures a composite direct replacement for cast iron (LL Type) for freight, passenger and locomotive applications. Benefits of the composite block option include a longer brake block life, reduce wheel wear, lighter weight and easier to handle as well as eliminates electronic motor damage.

Wabtec Corp Products Composite Brake Blocks

Composite Brake Blocks

FIP manufactures composite brake blocks for freight, passenger and locomotive applications. With over 50 friction materials available and a full scale Dynanometer for testing, FIP can find the right friction material for the customer's specific application.

Wabtec Locomotive Transit Products Composite Brake Shoe

Composite Brake Shoe

Composite Materials for various applications

Transit Locomotive Freight Products Composite Insert Brake Block

Composite Insert Brake Block

FIP manufactures a composite INSERT block used for removing minor defects such as skid flats, scale, spalling or shelling which occur on wheel treads. This product has been designed to provide a means for railway operators to improve their rolling stock utilization, increase wheel life and reduce maintenance costs.

Wabtec Corp Products Composite Machine Guards & Covers

Composite Machine Guards & Covers

Brecknell Willis Composites regularly produce bespoke guards, covers and hatches.
Given the ability to reproduce complex shapes and a wide variety of material qualities, composites make an extremely versatile option.

Wabtec Products Composite Train Interiors & Exteriors

Composite Train Interiors & Exteriors

Brecknell Willis Composites has a longstanding history of supplying structural and aesthetic body panels to the rail industry.
Products supplied include:

  • Cab and inter-end assemblies
  • Headlight housings
  • Internal body trim panels
  • Electrification arms

Wabtec Freight Locomotive Transit Products Brake Block

Composite Trim Brake Block

FIP manufactures a TRIM block used for removing minor defects such as skid flats, scale, spalling or shelling which occur on wheel treads. This product has been designed to provide a means for railway operators to improve their rolling stock utilization, increase wheel life and reduce maintenance costs.

Wabtec Locomotive Products Contactors


Designed and manufactured for application in critical, severe environments. Performance proven in thousands of applications on U.S. Class 1 railroads, and other railroads and transit agencies around the world.

Uncoupling System Cotter Pin (WR889)

Cotter Pin

Uncoupling System Cotter Pin (WR889)

Coupler Carrier Wear Plate

Coupler Carrier Wear Plate

Manganese drop-in wear plate. Three (3) sizes available: 9/32", 7/16", 15/32".

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Custom Brake Shoes and Pads

Wabtec Brazil produces made to order brake shoes and pads for freight cars, locomotives and transit cars.

Wabtec Motive Equipmenet Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering

Railroads are unique and so are their locomotive needs. Motive Equipment offers custom engineering and manufacturing to solve special crew cab challenges. Our experienced staff works closely with customers to create products designed to meet their specific requirements.  Whether it’s a customized modification of an existing product, or an entirely new product build, we can quickly design and deliver the right solution for your locomotive application.
Discover how easy it is to get the exact locomotive cab product for your needs.

Custom Engineering