Freight Segment: Power Generation Market

The power generation industry relies on Wabtec for a variety of critical components such as radiators, sectional cooling systems, generator coolers, TEWAC motor coolers, oil coolers, heat exchangers, charge-air-coolers, turbochargers, relays and brush holders.  Wabtec has over 125 years of experience working with customers to provide long-life and low-cost cooling solutions and 50,000+ turbochargers in application for marine, power generation and rail applications throughout the world. Superior quality, continuous improvement, efficient production and design capabilities have provided Wabtec a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

In addition to cooling systems, Wabtec provides alternative maritime power solutions for the port industry and power transfer systems for transit and industrial markets.  Wabtec’s innovative range of slipring assemblies bring electrical power and data to revolving equipment such as wind generators. Wabtec railway electrification products include third-rail, pantographs, carbon collectors, and overhead catenary components, and low-amperage enclosed conductor systems for high-speed and specialty applications.    


Business Units Servicing this Market