Transit Bus Market Products


Wabtec foldover passenger access ramp Transit Bus

621SA Foldover Ramp

Fully electric, 1:6 slope, foldover passenger access ramp for low floor, transit buses. New, cam-based design allows ramp to automatically adjust to bus stop conditions to provide least possible, continuous slope. Rugged stainless steel enclosure - 1,000 lb. capacity.

Wabtec Corporation D77 Terminal Lug

8133497-FCW D77 Terminal Lug

  • FAI with existing customers approved, and parts in service
  • COMING SOON:  Ability to order as complete “Kits” (6 Lugs)
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery

Wabtec Corp Activair ® Engine Transit Bus

Activair ® Engine

Pneumatic differential engine provides high torque rotary motion required for operation of door linkage. Provides maximum velocity and minimum force in the mid-point of its range of motion, and maximum force and minimum speed at the extremes of its motion. Finger screws allow quick and easy door speed adjustments. Solid-state non-contact proximity switches. Optional locking mechanism secures engine, even without air pressure.

Wabtec Corp Products Battery Charging Systems

Battery Charging Systems

The innovative Solution for High Power Chargers
Increasingly strict regulations to reduce pollution in the cities lead to a rapid change of the infrastructure to electric mobility. These are, for example, charging stations for cars or electric bus terminals.
Electric busses ensure for sustainable urban mobility. The retrofitting of bus routes solely driving with electric buses assumes a rapid development. Solutions are, for example, implemented together with local utility companies by rapid charging stations HPC (High Power Charger). Our charging pantograph is a key component of these charging stations.
Decades of experience in the development and production of power supplies, such as pantographs for local traffic and high-speed trains, make us a competent supplier for your electric bus terminals.
The technically demanding challenges for the specific conditions of electric bus terminals copes our charging pantograph system with flying colors. High-quality and proven components ensure smooth functioning of the loading operations.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products BR2E Ramp

BR2E Ramp

Fully electric, 1:6 slope, passenger access ramp for small, low floor buses. Unique, space-saving, folding design. Water-resistant controls and corrosion-resistant enclosure.

Brush Holder Springs

Brush Holder Springs and Assemblies

It takes quality brush holder springs, spring assemblies, and pressure finger assemblies to keep brush holders operating efficiently. Whether we duplicate your design or engineer an enhanced assembly, Fulmer Company manufactures a variety of products that maximize performance.

  • Wire Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Compression Springs
  • Flat Wire Clock Springs
  • Leaf Springs
  • Constant Force Springs
  • Spring Assemblies
  • Pressure Finger Assemblies
  • Brush Wear Indicators

Materials capabilities include all alloys from carbon and stainless steel to phosphorous bronze and beryllium copper. For more information, please contact us.

Charging Pantograph

Charging Pantograph

Mounted on battery charging station, for eBus overhead DC charging



Our ChargingREEL is designed for ceiling, wall and underfloor assemblies and provides perfect adaptation to your e-fleet.
The professional design ensures reliable and durable operation.
Due to the individual cable routing and plug supply systems we are able to provide high flexibility in the implementation of the charging systems.
For more information please visit our website:
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ChargingREEL for electro vehicles

Wabtec Corp Transit Bus Products CLASS® Sensing System

CLASS® Sensing System

CLASS = Contact-Less Acoustic Sensing System. A multi-function exit door system that utilizes unique, ultrasonic technology to provide bus door actuation and passenger detection system. Solid-state signal processing replaces mechanical switches, push buttons, tape switches and touch bars. Minimizes passenger contact with the doors. Detects a stream of passengers and holds door open, reducing dwell time.

Wabtec Products Commercial Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Commercial Vehicle Cooling Solutions

Integrated Cooling Systems for On-Highway and Off-Highway OEM Applications
Mechanical Bond Radiators, HI-FIN Oil Coolers, Charge Air Coolers 

Wabtec Composite Arc Protection

Composite Arc Protection

Brecknell Willis Composites’ Composite Arc Protection is produced using ether traditional hand lay or cold press manufacturing methods out of Synolite T001-T-1 and chopped strand mat.

Wabtec Corp Products Composite Machine Guards & Covers

Composite Machine Guards & Covers

Brecknell Willis Composites regularly produce bespoke guards, covers and hatches.
Given the ability to reproduce complex shapes and a wide variety of material qualities, composites make an extremely versatile option.

Wabtec Products Composite Train Interiors & Exteriors

Composite Train Interiors & Exteriors

Brecknell Willis Composites has a longstanding history of supplying structural and aesthetic body panels to the rail industry.
Products supplied include:

  • Cab and inter-end assemblies
  • Headlight housings
  • Internal body trim panels
  • Electrification arms

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Design and Manufacture

As one of the nation's most innovative producers of non-ferrous permanent mold castings, we serve the electrical, transit, locomotive, and numerous other manufacturing and service industries throughout the world.

  • In house design and engineering capabilities allow custom solutions to design challenges as well as reducing lead-time.
  • Computer controlled induction melting and resistance furnaces provide precise temperature control.
  • Complete custom machining, finishing, and assembly capabilities are available on premises.
  • Complete customer machining, finishing, and part assemblies of all types.
  • Our Quality Assurance Department that is committed to exact and consistent products.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products Door Actuator Baseplate

Door Actuator Baseplate Assembly

Most Vapor bus door actuators are delivered as baseplate assemblies. The baseplate combines the actuator, either pneumatic or electric, linkage, and door suspension into a single pre-assembled unit that mounts above the door opening. The single-piece construction simplifies door installation and adjustment, assures that geometric relationships will remain constant throughout the life of the bus.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products Door Panels

Door Panels

Designed and manufactured to meet exact application specifications and to satisfy applicable FMVSS requirements. Three distinct styles to compliment full range of vehicle exteriors. Can be provided as basic panels, or as complete assemblies with window glazing installed, and all brackets and seals attached prior to shipment.

Driver Protection Door

Driver Protection Door

Vapor offers a Bus Operator's Door, which includes features that address operator comfort and safety. The purpose-designed door includes two integrated, high velocity electric fans for optimal air circulation in the cockpit area. An electrically operated window allows for increased air flow and ventilation and permits direct operator-passenger interaction. A heavy-duty, dovetail latch mechanism maintains positive contact to eliminate rattle. A large, laminated safety glass is contoured to allow direct visibility to mirrors. The door is custom designed for specific vehicles to ensure exact fit.

Wabtec Transit bus Products Driver Door

Driver's Door and Component Controller

New switch technology combines door control and multiple switch controls in one convenient driver side location. Extremely rugged, ergonomic handle design.

Wabtec Transit Bus Products Electric Plug Door Actuator

Electric Plug Door Actuator

Designed for shuttles, limo-buses and midi-buses. Eliminates need for air compressor, air lines, valves and controls. For convenient, reliable operation of swing plug doors.

Wabtec transit bus products ETO Electric Transit Actuator

ETO Electric Transit Actuator

High performance, electric door actuator for heavy transit buses. Integrates innovative electrical and mechanical elements to precisely open and close passenger doors. Faster response to door commands. Powerful, intelligent contoller provides programmable data logging and superior diagnostic capabilities and maintenance alerts.