Transit Segment: Transit Car Market

Wabtec provides products and services to virtually every major rail transit system around the world. We supply an integrated series of components for intercity and commuter cars, metro cars and light rail vehicles that deliver safety, efficiency and passenger comfort.

Wabtec designs and manufactures pneumatic, electronic and hydraulic brake equipment, along with mechanical/electrical couplers and third-rail current collectors for passenger rail vehicles. We provide service-proven, heavy-duty relays and contactors for electrical control and switching applications. We offer sanitation systems, and produce a full range of high-performance electric and pneumatic passenger door systems, handicapped lifts and access ramps that provide maximum safety and efficiency for vehicle entry and exit. We refurbish HVAC units with performance-proven upgrades that deliver precise heating and cooling in any climate for optimum passenger comfort. And we make a wide variety of brake shoes and pads for new vehicle and replacement applications. We also offer maintenance, repair, over haul and refurbishment services for locomotives, passenger cars and passenger car components. Each product is developed from a heritage of experience in tailoring components and assemblies to meet the customer-specific needs, and manufactured using the latest technologies. 


Business Units Servicing this Market