ECP-4200 Freight Car Braking System

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake System

  • Wabtec's field-proven ECP braking solutions are AAR-approved under S-4200 series specifications
  • ECP options include an overlay to conventional AAR pneumatic brake equipment and a stand-alone ECP manifold
  • Allows for simultaneous brake applications, with shorter stopping distances
  • Graduated release of brakes
  • Supports increased carload capacity and higher average speeds
  • Lowers in-train forces and fuel consumption
  • Reduces wheel wear
  • Application with pneumatic emergency or vent valve
  • Mechanical manual release valve
  • Single and multi-pack car configurations
  • Extended battery life
  • Rugged end-of-car connector
  • Pneumatic emulation options
  • Supports "smart car" sensors