SAC-1™ Spherical Articulated Couplings

Wabtec Freight Car Products Spherical Articulated Couplings

Wabtec offers a semi-permanent connection coupling system that features low maintenance self-lubrication design. Designed to maintain a slack-free connection, the SAC-1™ eliminates the need to stop cars for lubrications and readjustments of side bearing heights. Made for today’s competitive transportation market, it offers substantial weight savings, improved car handling and reduced operating costs.
Available in 14” Center Plate and 16” Center Plate Designs

  • Positive slack-free connection
  • Reduces side-bearing height adjustments caused by connector wear
  • May be used in 70-, 100-, or 125-ton trucks, and can be used as a retrofit
  • Horizontal travel ±22°
  • Unique wedge design simplifies coupling and uncoupling of cars and completely eliminates slack
  • Designed and tested to 1,250,000 pounds buff load and 630,000 pounds draft load
  • Vertical travel ±11° eliminates uncoupling and recoupling during wheel changeouts and required maintenance