Schaefer Link System

Wabtec westinghouse air brake Freight Car Products Schaefer Link System

This combination of components guides the brake beam in a horizontal configuration, regardless of brake beam end extension wear. The brake beam is prevented from drooping, which can cause the top of the brake shoe to wear more than the bottom as the top of the brake head tilts closer to the wheel tread. It also reduces the frictional losses between the brake beam and the side frame pocket, thereby increasing the rigging efficiency and reducing the brake shoe force variations from side to side on the same brake beam.

  • Uses standard truck lever arrangement
  • Promotes even brake shoe wear
  • Improves brake shoe force and shoe alignment
  • Extends life of the end guide and wear liner as well as the brake shoe and wheel life
  • Equipped with Schaefer 3-hole truck lever connections and equipment links