Cable Festoon Systems

Wabtec Cable Festoon Systems
Wabtec Corp Cable Festoon Systems
Wabtec Corp Products Cable Festoon Systems
Wabtec Corporation Products Cable Festoon Systems
Wabtec Products Cable Festoon Systems

We manufacture lightweight and heavy-duty models of Cable Festoon Systems (plastics or steel), with rollers for C-rails, T-beams or tensioning ropes. The selection of the appropriate system depends on the respective situation at site, the cable type to be transported and its total weight. 
The cable trolleys are either made of plastics or galvanised steel and beared on rollers so they can be easily moved. They have a rubber or plastic plating so the transported cables are not damaged.
Festoon Cable Carrier
Cable Festoon Systems with C-rails can be used in many ways. For instance, they are installed on indoor cranes, in workshops or on outdoor surfaces, to implement a flexible transmission of current and compressed air or media.

Festoon cable trolley - Made in Germany
Many other names of cable festoon system are used, including festoon cable carrier, festoon cable trolley, festoon cable system, c-rail festoon system and flat cable connector.
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