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Wabtec westinghouse air brake Industrial Products Slip Ring Assemblies
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Wabtec Corporation Industrial Products Slip Ring Assemblies
Wabtec Corporation westinghouse brakes Industrial Slip Ring Assemblies

Slip ring assemblies for energy- and data transfer are being used for all products which do not allow any stationary current supply due to their rotary movement. 
Slip ring manufacturer - Made in Germany
Thus, the applications range from current transmission at slowly moving circular scrapers in purification plants to explosion-proof slip ring assemblies with media lead-through for oil production vessels and wind turbine slip rings.
The slip ring assemblies and contact units for power and data transfers resp. signal technology are individually configured and manufactured for each requirement profile. We can resort to a wide range of standardised series and highly developed technologies, to implement the most ideal technical and economic solution for each customer. Even for complex requirements and extreme application conditions.
On this basis, these are manufactured according to the customers’ individual requirements for the respective purpose and adapted to the technical specifications and environment-related requirements.
We sustainably ensure the high quality of our solutions by means of the continuous further development of our products and the application of innovative technologies. Improved technologies lead to a better economic efficiency and functionality, for instance by means of smaller designs, higher capacities and longer lifecycles.
Standard Technologies

Four platforms or standard modules form the basis for our slip ring assembly series; slip ring, contact unit, housing and electrical connection.  Each platform covers a large selection of different versions. Based on the customer's specifications we build the core components in detail in accordance with the special requirements.
The modular cross-platform concept offers a high level of flexibility for adjusting. So we are able to produce customer-specific slip ring assemblies to cost-effective terms and conditions − fast and individual, with high quality and cost-effective.

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