Electronic Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Equipment

Wabtec transit car products Electronic Controlled Pneumatic

Wabtec ECP Equipment improves operation and performance while delivering a positive return on investment.
Control advantages:

  • Improved train handling
  • Automatic Mode Switching to pneumatic or "emulation" mode in the absence of ECP trainline
  • ECP mode: all cars apply/release brakes simultaneously
  • Graduated release capability
  • Supports traditional pneumatic (BP) control
  • Allows mixed consist operation (26-C)
  • All electric manifold (replaces 26-C)
  • Provides both power and digital communications over a single twisted pair (ECP trainline)

Operational benefits:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Up to 60% shorter stopping distance
  • Easier control of automatic train brakes
  • Increased operator feedback (monitor brake conditions in real time)
  • Reduced buff/draft forces
  • Lower risk of derailments
  • Less wear on cars and wheels.

Capacity improvements:

  • Higher average speeds
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Customers reported 10-15% improvement