DYNAGLIDE® Third Rail Current Collector

Wabtec Transit Car ProductsThird Rail Current Collector

Wabtec manufactures the DYNAGLIDE® Third Rail Current Collector for high-performance power collection on all modern passenger rail vehicles. An elastomeric torsion unit provides paddle contact pressure and vibration dampening. Paddle height and contact pressure are adjustable on the vehicle. The collector is easy to maintain since there are no bearings requiring periodic lubrication. Third rail top-running and under-running styles are available. DYNAGLIDE® collectors have an insulating bracket directly mountable to the steel truck frame. They are equipped with a current limiting fuse and with an open fuse indicator to visually alert inspectors that maintenance is required. The collector paddle is designed to brake free from the collector paddle mounting if it encounters an obstruction on the third rail. This safety feature minimizes the possibility of damage to the collector assembly or to the third rail and its insulators.