R-1100 Railgear

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G & B Specialties Model R-1100 railgear is designed for vehicles with GVWR”s 33,000lbs and larger. The R-1100 front railgear utilizes the vehicle’s front suspension and the vehicle’s frame to lift the front wheels off the track. Attaching to the vehicle’s front suspension and frame makes this design more advantageous for the proper support of the vehicle. The dual scissor rear railgear attaches to the truck’s frame behind the spring hangers. The scissor action of the rear railgear makes it possible for the rear railgear to be moved along both the X and Y plane. This design makes for a more speedy operation of getting the vehicle on track and off track. With G & B New R-1100 Railgear, there are no limits imposed. If the vehicle can support the load, so can the railgear. G & B Specialties R-1100 Railgear has two hydraulic cylinders on both the front and rear units, providing power to spare under full vehicle capacity. On rail, the vehicle’s front wheels are raised approximately 2” above the rail head. Structural members are of carbon steel. Hardened steel castings are used in the making of the 16” wheels.