New and Re-Manufactured Pumps

westinghouse air brake Tech New and Re-Manufactured Pumps

New Pumps
Heavy-duty class 30 cast iron construction for long life. Large thrust face sleeve bearings for long life and minimum wear. Pumps are designed for continuous duty operation at temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) to 100°C (212°F). Pump and motor units are electrically tested and pressure tested to assure integrity. Pumps are designed to permit thermo-siphoning for natural convection flow. Motor windings are Hi-Pot tested to assure electrical integrity. Special optional coatings are applied to protect against rust.
Remanufactured Pumps
These pumps are available from either the customer pump or from our direct replacement core stock. Exactly the same manufacturing processes are used as new pumps. These pumps incorporate renowned the Harley™ sleeve bearing system, shaft, motor, internal elastomers and electrical connector. A value-added internal component design changes to correct shortfalls of original designs. New or rewound motor windings with high insulation class ratings. Optimized high-strength materials using proper tolerances and surface finishes. Performance tested to assure the integrity of the hydraulic, electrical & sealing systems. Re-nameplated and carries a full 12/18 month warranty.
Cardinal, in most cases, has the opportunity to design a new motor/bearing assembly retrofit to the existing hydraulics, casings and impeller, to the customer’s original equipment.
Both options available with TecSonics™ Bearing Wear Monitoring System
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