Gate Systems 13×42 Replacement (W20)

air brake company Gate-Systems 13×42 Replacement (W20)

The W20 WorXgate is a weld-on, automatic locking, and low cost replacement for older generation gates. Manual locking gates were typically used on older hopper cars and if these manual locks are not disengaged before a power gate opener is used, it can destroy these older gates. The W20 is an economical solution for replacing these older manual locking gates.
This W20 is based on the simple side and front ledge design that was highly popular on older outlet gates. These ledge style gates do not have seals, but do come equipped with automatic inertia locks and high strength drive components.
These gates can be simpler to install because of their extended wings. Having these extended wings eliminates the labor and skill required to try and cut the existing gate off the car without damaging the portion of the hopper that extends inside the gate. To install this W20 gate the old gates can be cut off above the existing weld seam. The hopper on the car is shortened, but the extended hopper wings will make up for this and should weld right into place.This gate is also a direct replacement gate, so if it is a requirement to salvage the current length of hopper, this can be done. The W20 gate hopper angles typically match the car hopper angles, and the bottom opening of the gate is usually around 15% larger than the original gates.
Recommended Commodities:Grain

  • Grain

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  • Weld-On
  • Automatic Inertia Lock
  • Low Cost
  • High Strength Drive Components
  • Adjustable Weld Flanges (Wings)
  • Liquid Painted

Additional Options:

  • Brown or Gray Liquid Painted.

Technical Specifications:

  • Industry Size Reference:  13” x 42”
  • New Work Points: 30” x 65-5/8”
  • Actual Gate Opening Size: 14-13/16” x 42-7/8”
  • Bottom Frame Opening: 14-13/16” x 42-7/8”
  • Overall Gate Height From Work Points: 10-31/32”
  • Weight: 32 or 64 Holes: 356 lbs.
  • Centerline of Gate to End of Open Door Plate: 27-1/2”