Gate Systems 30x30 Standard (A73)

westinghouse air brake tech Gate Systems 30x30 Standard (A73)

The A73 outlet gate is commonly referred to in the industry as a 30” x 30” grain gate. With an opening size of 30” x 28” this gate is available with a 66 bolt hole pattern or a weld on design. Along with the standard AEROgate features, additional options are available, such as a low profile version.
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Recommended Commodities:

  • Grain
  • Fertilizer (Stainless Steel Version)
  • Salt (Stainless Steel Version)

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  • Bronze Glide Rails:
    • Drastically Reduces Doorplate Wear
    • Contributes to a Lower Operating Torque
  • Automatic Overhead Inertia Lock
  • High Endurance UHMW Wiper Seals
  • No Ledges or Areas for Commodity to Build Up
  • Countersunk Seal Bolts in Gate Hopper:
    • Allow Smooth Commodity Flow over Hopper Surfaces
    • Simplifies the Hopper Cleaning Process with No Surface Restrictions.

Patent Numbers:U.S. 7,171,907 B2U.S. 7,367,271 B2
Additional Options: 

  • Low Profile Version (9” Overall Gate Height)
  • Weld on Version
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Various Powder Coat Options and Colors including but not limited to:
    • BRN – Brown (Federal Standards Color Code: 10076)
    • GRY – Medium Grey (Federal Standards Color Code: 26314)
    • TGY – Tan/Grey (Federal Standards Color Code: 26559)
    • TAN – Tan(Federal Standards Color Code: 13711)
    • CGY – Light Grey
  • UDS – Under Door Seal to prevent “Back Puffing” when unloading.

Technical Specifications:

  • Industry Size Reference:  30” x 30”
  • Bolt-On Working Points: 45-3/8” x 43-3/8”
  • Actual Gate Opening Size: 45-3/8” x 43-3/8”
  • Bottom Frame Opening: 33-1/2” x 32”
  • Overall Gate Height: 10”
  • Number of Bolt Holes: 66 Holes
  • Weight: 472 lbs.
  • Centerline of Gate to End of Open Door Plate: 54.74”