Quantum Plus Ports

westinghouse air brake technologies company Quantum Plus Ports

Our Quantum Plus Ports system (+3, +5, +6) are Quantum Plus covers with an additional 20” diameter round port added to each Plus cover.  The +3, +5, and +6 terminology references the number of ports in the system.  These round ports add additional flexibility to the system as an inspection port or booting flange for dust control or sanitary loading purposes.  Also, these ports can be opened independently or in conjunction with the Plus covers.
The same unique shared bracketing design on the Quantum Plus systems is also used for the 20” diameter port covers, requiring no additional roof brackets for round port installation.  The covers all operate on the same hinge pivot axis so covers can never bind or get caught in the wrong sequence of operation.
Our Quantum Plus Port covers are currently only offered in high profile aluminum for 24” wide troughs.  In order to combat costs and theft of aluminum we do offer this as a combination system.  This combination system uses aluminum Plus and port covers, with fiberglass intermediates.
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Common Commodities:

  • Sugar/Foods
  • Malt/Barley

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Gasket System
The Quantum Plus “Triple Seal” sealing system is the best sealing system in the industry.  The transverse seal between covers or the “Triple Seal” begins with the seal created by the port cover overlap channel gasket sealing on the intermediate cover flange – Seal#1.  secondly, this same gasket creates another seal across the flat of the intermediate cover – Seal#2.  Lastly, an additional port cover flange gasket creates yet another seal across the flat of the intermediate cover – Seal#3.  Our hollow chamber longitudinal gasket typically creates up to ¾ of an inch compression between the cover and coaming. Additionally, to virtually eliminate the gaps in the longitudinal trough gasket between adjacent covers, a mitered gasket joint configuration is utilized – (Q+Miter).
Aluminum Quantum Plus Port Covers:

  • 5052_H34 Aluminum (0.125”)
  • Strong 6061_T4 Extruded End Channels
  • Bare Aluminum Finish
  •  Fully Welded Construction
  • 20” Diameter round Ports
  •  Inverted “J” shaped Coaming on Round Ports
    • Superior Seal to Gasket
    • Excellent Rain/Snow Deflector

Additional Options

  • Trough Widths Available
    • 24” = Aluminum
  • Numerous Cover Lengths Available
  • Aluminum Plus and Ports, Fiberglass Intermediate Covers
  • Gasket Options
    • Food Grade Gasket
    • Standard Black Gasket
  • Various Bumper Options to Suit Different Car Designs
    • Galvanized Coated Bumpers
    • Various Size and Locations
  • Multiple Hardware Configurations
    • Galvanized Steel Hardware
    • Stainless Steel Hardware

Technical Specifications: Aluminum Quantum Plus Covers

  • Material:  5052_H34 Aluminum
  • Material Thickness: 1/8” (0.125”)
  • 20” Round Port Cover Weight:  23.4 lbs.
  • General Square Port Cover Weight: 34 lbs.
  • General Intermediate Cover Weight: 74 lbs.

Operating Instructions
On The Quantum Plus system any one cover can be opened at anytime if the corresponding small square port cover is unlocked and opened first. There is no sequence required when opening this cover system. When closing, the Quantum Plus design will only allow the operator to close and lock the covers in the proper order.

  • Open the locks associated with the cover you need to open.
  • Once locks are opened, the round ports and/or Plus covers can be swung open.
  • The desired trough cover can then be opened.


  • First close the intermediate covers adjacent to the Plus covers.
  • Once the Intermediates are closed, the Plus covers can then be closed.
  • Once Plus covers are closed, the round ports can be closed.
  • The entire system can now be locked into place.