wabtec westinghouse air brake QBA Series Air Dryer - QBA15 QBA60
westinghouse air brake technologies corporation QBA Series Air Dryer - QBA15 QBA60

The QBA Series Air Dryer truly live up to the Quality Brake Air name. The QBA Air Dryers are equipped to fulfill the critical demands of the stop and go, high air usage, "Severe-Duty" vehicles. Unlike single tower devices, there are no restrictions as to how long a compressor can pump and no minimum compressor unload time is required. The QBA Series Air Dryers combine multiple high efficiency filtration components with twin tower drying technology in one easy-to-install, compact package. When properly applied, installed and with minimal maintenance, the QBA Series will literally transform your operation. Severe-Duty vehicles that have a history of winter brake air line freezing, heavy oil sludge, carbon, water and dirt can now enjoy the trouble free benefits of "Quality Brake Air".


Model QBA15 QBA60
Max inlet flow rate 600 Nl/min 21 SCFM 1100 Nl/min 38 SCFM
Air quality (1) at outlet 2/2/02 2/2/02
Max working pressure 10.3 bar 150 psi 10.3 bar 150 psi
Operating voltage 12/24 (9-36) VDC, 74 (18-138) VDC
Current draw, Heaters Off <1.0 A <1.0 A
Current draw, Heaters On <10.0 A, all voltages and wattages
Heater Power 75 W @ 12 VDC
85 W @ 24 VDC
Regenerating air flow <20% of inlet air flow
Pressure drop .28 bar 4.1 psi .35 bar 5.1 psi
Drying media Activated alumina
Package configuration Includes integrated filtration and control unit
Height 429 mm 16.84” 458 mm 18.02”
Width 317 mm 12.48” 347 mm 13.68”
Depth 222 mm 8.74” 297 mm 11.71”
Weight (with and w/o bracket) 19.5 kg/15.9 kg 43#/35# 23.1 kg/20.4 kg 51#/45#
Maintenance Annual filter element changes
Three (3) year desiccant change
Features Available with unloader valve
Available with or without heater/thermostat option
Three  levels of integrated filtration
(1) According to NF F 11-1000 at 35° C inlet and 30° C ambient