QBA15-CA Air Dryer System

wabtec westinghouse air brake QBA15-CA Air Dryer System

The SludgeBraker QBA15-CA is the rail version of Graham-White's "Sever-Duty" Truck and Bus Air Dryer. Sludgebraker is equipped to fulfill the critical demands of inner city, stop and go, high air usage, “Severe-Duty” vehicles. The QBA15 combines multiple high efficiency filtration components with twin tower drying technology in one easy-to-install, compact package.

The QBA15-CA model is used in the rail market as both a point of use solution on locomotives for protection of RCL valve sets and on MOW equipment applications.

QBA15-CA is designed for flow rates between 10 and 20 scfm at a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi.

QBA15-CA Model does not include the PF15 Prefilter / Scrubber Assembly.


Model QBA15
Max inlet flow rate 600 Nl/min 21 SCFM
Air quality (1) at outlet 2/2/02
Max working pressure 10.3 bar 150 psi
Operating voltage 74 (18-138) VDC
Current draw <1.0 A
Regenerating air flow <20% of inlet air flow
Pressure drop .28 bar 4.1 psi
Drying media Activated alumina
Height 429 mm 16.84”
Width 317 mm 12.48”
Depth 222 mm 8.74”
Weight (with and w/o bracket) 19.5 kg/15.9 kg 43#/35#
Maintenance Annual filter element changes
Three (3) year desiccant change
(1) According to NF F 11-1000 at 35° C inlet and 30° C ambient