Solenoid Valves

wabtec westinghouse air brake Solenoid Valves

The Wabtec solenoid valve is custom designed for the demanding locomotive environment. Designed to handle flow up to 23 SCFM which allows it to be connected directly to the cylinder or device and eliminate the need for an additional relay valve.
Features include:

  • Epoxy impregnated and encapsulated Class F continuous duty coils
  • Available in a wide range of AC or DC voltages
  • Available with your choice of optional back EMF protection devices
  • Available in both normally-open and normally-closed configurations
  • Wide choice of connection options
  • With coil case or open yoke
  • Manual over-ride with and without locking detent
  • Designed with pipe bracket for easy removal without breaking threaded joints
  • Brackets for single or duplex solenoid valves
  • Imperial or metric threads avaliable