Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company Products Sidekick

Safely Apply and Release Hand Brakes.  Sidekick is a tool specifically designed and engineered to enhance the safety performance of railroad employees.
Sidekick eliminates an employee's exposure to risk and injury associated with ascending and descending rail cars to apply and release hand brakes and retainer valves.
Sidekick permits an employee to open knuckles without entering the gauge of the rail.
Sidekick has a revolutionary, patented locking mechanism that ensures positive positioning of the telescoping tool. The patented hook completes the multipurpose design of the tool. The elimination of safety hazards is tantamount in improving safety performance. Improved safety performance results in improved employee efficiency. Improved employee efficiency translates into savings for the railroad.
The Sidekick is an essential component of your employee’s safety equipment.

  • Adjustable to six extension lengths
  • Locking mechanism tested to 100,000 cycles without failure
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction provides lightweight design and superior strength
  • Precision manufactured and machined to exacting tolerances
  • Latch tested to withstand pulling force in excess of 7,000 pounds
  • Engraved with unique identifier to allow tracking of each Sidekick
  • Knurled handle for positive grip
  • One year limited warranty
  • Repair services available

The Omni Sidekick Brakestick comes in the four models : Mini, Medium, Standard, Long