LN25 Bogie Family

Wabtec westinghouse air brake technologies company LN25 Bogie Family

The LN25 family of bogies are innovative hydraulically damped bogies designed for axle loads up to 25 tonnes and can operate at a maximum speed of 120 KPH.
Based on the same principles of the UK approved LN25 which entered operations in 1999, two complementing suspension components make the LN25 bogie family distinctive - a soft primary suspension comprising of hydraulically damped coil springs and a stiff secondary suspension using rubber bonded side-bearers. The LN25 bogie has undergone a successful program of testing in Germany and France in accordance with EN14363 (UIC518/UIC518-2) with speeds up to 120km/h and axle loads up to 25t. This will enable wagon designers to specify the LN25 in combination with a wide range of wagon types without the need for further dynamic testing.
The LN25 will have Interoperability Constituent status (in accordance with the TSI) and EBA approval.
The LN25 has the following advantages:

  • Tested to EN14363 (UIC518/UIC518-2)
  • Low track forces producing low bogie wear and low maintenance requirements
  • Track friendly - low track wear
  • Freight friendly - low vertical acceleration
  • Low noise 3dB lower than conventional bogies
  • High speed of 120 km/h / tare and laden
  • Integral push brake system fitted, clasp brake system variant also available
  • Axle loads of 22.5 tonne and 25 tonne

The LN25 is well suited for all types of new build wagons as well as retrofitting to existing wagons and enjoys an unrestricted approval throughout the UK Rail Network.