PIS Controller

Wabtec Annax PIS Controller
Wabtec Annax REC2
Wabtec Annax RIO2
Wabtec Annax RP110 / RP72 / RP36
Wabtec Annax RAMP

The PIS Controller is the central component of the passenger information system. It contains time schedule data, the ELA and the interfaces for displays, Intercom Units and other components. It also administrates the communication between train control and the land-based railway control centre.
Other duties include setting the priority for on-board intercom calls, controlling LED and TFT displays, administrating route map data, handling of internal and external communication, and managing the CCTV system. Additionally, the controller establishes the connection with the Train Communication Management System (TCMS) and operates the traction interface.
The PIS Controller consists of a standard rack with a width of 84/42 TE and a height of 3 HE, to which other components are added as needed. For example, the controller (Type REC2), an amplifier component (Type RAMP), a power supply (RP110, RP72 or RP36 depending on on-board voltage) and other components, like the UIC interface or RIO2.

  • REC2 - Railvox Embedded Controller, the central control element for all components
  • RIO2 - UIC Interface to train bus
  • RP110 / RP72 / RP36 - Power supply and DC-DC transformer for PIS-Controller for 110V, 72V and 36V
  • RAMP - Railvox Amplifier, sound amplifier for loudspeakers