Education - PTC Training and Qualification Program for PTC Systems

wabtec westinghouse air brake Education Training Program PTC Systems

Wabtec offers comprehensive training seminars and material geared toward educating rail personnel on the operation and maintenance of rail equipment.
Designed as a training and qualification program for PTC systems subject to FRA Rule, 49PART236 sub part I, Wabtec’s training program educates students on PTC systems to enable them to provide superior product support and install on-board PTC equipment to ensure successful railroad operations.
Class curriculum includes the use of an in-class virtual PTC environment simulator and will provide trainees the knowledge to: – Safely install, replace, or repair each of the on-board PTC components – Safely install, replace, or repair the interconnecting wiring for each PTC component – Load operating software to critical PTC components – Configuration for PTC operation – Validation testing of the PTC and related locomotive systems – Adhere to SAE standards: Producing quality, reliability, and repeatability – Troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and test all related aspects of the onboard PTC equipment – Rapidly identify potential technical PTC system discrepancies that may pose an operational safety issue.